Manege free for the 67th 4 Hills Tournament

With the tournament a real highlight is noted for me as a ski jumper in my calendar. Beside the 4 Hills Tournament also the Home World Championship in Seefeld is a part of the highlights of the season and my career. Anyhow, a Home World Championship is a happening, which probably only a few athletes are part of in their career. But now my full attention is focused on the traditional start of the tournament in Oberstdorf.

As every year I am looking forward to the tournament with a lot of excitement, but also a little nervousness, but that’s somehow part of the “myth tournament”.

Many thousand fans, this unique atmosphere, the great spirit and the adrenalin, which comes together with the tournament every year, are indescribable feelings. In the matter of sports I still don’t quite know, what exactly this year’s tournament has ready for me. I had to deal with missing consistency during my training and also the desiderated security was a rare guest in my jumps. Nevertheless I had one or the other good jump. That’s what I bring with me to the tournament.

I am looking forward to what’s coming and will try more and more over to gain consistency and security in my jumps to take with me the best I could give from this year’s tournament. However, first Christmas is right around the corner. A festivity, which I spend every year with my family and which I consciously spend in peace, before the tournament starts. Batteries have to be charged again and afterwards qualification starts in Oberstdorf.

I wish you all peaceful holidays, we see each other at the first competitions and I am looking forward to your great support,