World Cup Season 2016/17 – Here we come!

A new world cup season has started. After the first jumps on snow in Lillehammer, we had the world cup opening in Ruka, Finland. I like to be in Finland, because I like the jumping hills and also the special atmosphere there. The first two competitions were not ideal but I wasn’t unsatisfied with my 11th and 10th place.

The world cup weekend in Klingenthal started with a team competition. Together with Krafti, Fetti and Kofi we achieved a great 3rd place behind Germany and Poland! This podium shows not only that we are on the right track concerning our team performance; it also reflects our amazing team spirit.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to build on my performance of the team competition on the next day. Due to some problems I couldn’t qualify for the second round. Now I have to carry on with my work and then we will see what’s possible at the next world cup station.

Next stop: Lillehammer!