Tour over, Kulm already there!

It’s like blow upon blow at the moment. Just jumping at the 4 Hills Tournament, then Willingen last weekend and tomorrow already the qualification for the Ski Flying World Championships. Not much time to catch a breath. On the other side these are really exciting and cool weeks.

The 4 Hills Tournament went also this year very well for me. I was able to jump in the TOP-5 at all four stations, 2x on the podium and third place in the overall competition behind Severin Freund und Peter Prevc, who just was unbeatable during the tournament. Congrats! Not least because of this I’m very satisfied with the result, although there is still some potential to improve.

And this potential is exactly what I want to recall at the Ski Flying World Championships at the Kulm because my goal at this weekend is to take part in the fight about the medals. Furthermore I’m looking forward to all the fans at the hill. To have the privilege to jump towards all these flags is an indescribable feeling. The Kulm is also something very special to me personally because it was the place where I saw on the shoulders of my dad how Andreas Goldberger won the title in 1996.

In this sense, keep your fingers crossed! 😉

Until then,