That was the season 2015/2016

A long and exhausting season lies behind us now. Since Easter – and after the last appointments past week – I finally have some time to relax. After those many weeks in the ski jumping world cup, you can be sure that I will enjoy spending some time with my family, girlfriend and friends. 😉

Cause in some weeks we’ll already start into the season 2016/2017 – at least concerning our summer training. Mid of April we’ll have our first trainings course together but until then you can find me on the slopes or perhaps already on the golf course. 😉

But let’s come back to past season. When looking back on the last months, I can do this very satisfied. It was my best world cup season by now – third place at the Four Hill Tournament, bronze with the team at the ski flying world championships, three world cup victories and fourth in the final account. Thereby I already listed all my season highlights, although those three victories in a row in Finland were definitely my sportive highlight and the bronze medal at the Kulm my emotional highlight, because we also tried to win this medal for Lukas Müller. In this way, again all the best to you Luki! Stay strong!
But of course not everything went perfectly for me this season. That’s part of the game and exactly those are the things I’ll have to work on during summer.

And of course congratulation to Peter Prevc: Peter, what you accomplished this season is almost inhuman. But we will challenge you again next season and I’m already looking forward to this.

For the time being enjoy this nice spring! 😉