Thank you Kulm!

The ski flying at Kulm turned out as the spectacle everyone suspected it to be and the legendary hill was once more a real highlight of the season.

Right from the beginning I was “good friends” with the hill and could show jumps clearly over 200 meters. I was in the “flying mode” straight away and I could enjoy the atmosphere and the playing with the forces in the air – for me as a pilot, flying will always be an amazing feeling. On Friday, the qualification hat to be cancelled because of too much wind, but on the following day the conditions where a lot better and fair, so it really was a lot of fun.

On competition day one I was more than content with my flights on 215.5 and 224 meters and in the end rank 11 felt pretty good. On day two I wasn’t very pleased with my first jump on 215 meters. Round two was way better – but because of emerging winds it had to be cancelled, so only the first jump was counted for the result and I ended up as 23rd, but still with good feelings.

At the winners ceremony the Austrian national anthem was played for my roommate Krafti, who celebrated his first HOME VICTORY – Congrats Krafti, what a strong performance.

After collecting those “flight miles”, the next destination is Rasnov in Romania, where the 200 m flights will quickly turn into 90 m jumps because of the hill size of 97m.

Thanks again to all my friends, family and fans for the unbelievable support at the hill!