Pause after Zakopane

A really cool weekend lies behind me. First the second place in the team competition on Saturday and then another second place in the single competition behind my “room buddy” Kraftl on Sunday – and all in front of this amazing crowd!! I’m so delighted to see that we, as a team, can compete about the foremost places and that I can contribute my part to the success. Furthermore it was the fifth single podium for me this season. It can go on like that. 😉

But before it will go on for me, I will take a short break from the world cup and therefore skip the competitions in Japan. Of course I would like to take part in Sapporo and the people there would have earned it that all top athletes participate in Japan but due to the fact that I was a little bit in frail health in the last time it is simply common sense to take a break.
Actually it was already pretty clear at first sight that you can’t really pull through the whole world cup calendar. Although I’m curious whether someone will try to do it and how this will come to an end. Meanwhile my program will be some relaxation and training at home.

In a little more than a week, I will be back at the world cup in Oslo to which I’m already looking forward to.

Till then,

Your Michi