Spring is when…

… I swap my ski jumping outfit for my golf bag or even my tennis racket now and then and I slowly but surely set up my concept for the upcoming season 😉 But spring is usually also when the temperatures are constantly warm and gradually become summery – let’s hope at least that this comes soon then … 😀

So in the past days and weeks, besides a few quieter days, the Wings for Life Run, one or the other tennis match as well as the “Audi Shootout” were on the agenda. The latter was a really cool golf event with a great golf location. (P.S. I was quite satisfied with my golf swing there ;))

Apart from that, we have already had some training sessions at the base and the training courses won’t be long in coming. The course in Faak is always a course we all look forward to. The mixture of sport, stress and regeneration fits perfectly there, the whole team is there and the atmosphere is always cool.

So I am really looking forward to the coming weeks, with its training courses and “outdoor activities” like golf, tennis, mountain biking & Co.

Hope you are doing well, I’ll keep you posted,

best regards,