Season 19/20 is in the books

It was a little abrupt and special end of the season but summing it up also this years season is in the books and also this time, the season was keeping somethings ready for me.

The start of the season was more like a rollercoaster ride than constant jumping. My results were not satisfying, and I could hardly identify where I was standing. With a lot of work and constant will, to further develop and to keep on my plan, it got better and better and steps by step I could develop a flying-feeling again. I was more satisfied with my jumps again.

At the Four Hills Tournament, there were more and more good flights coming up and at the end, I could look back on a quite solid tournee. My big goal, constantly landing in the Top 20, was reachable and not far away at this moment.

The new year held beautiful moments for me, and I could be happier with my flights again. Some Top 20 but also Top 10 Results were at the End on my account. At Sky flying, at home at the Kulm I was able to adapt to the hill and circumstances really quick and therefore I was able to show some good flights where I had a really good feeling as well. It was a nice Event, at home, in front of friends and family with good jumps and the first Home-victory for my roommate and friend Krafti.

With a podium and another TOP 10 result in Lathi, the two competitions were definitely worth travelling there and I was more than happy with my performance and the podium, which I could share with Krafti as well.  The RAW air tour in Norway came to a quick end, but it was the right decision which was made. With those things around the COVID 19 virus, you cannot mess around and in the end, we were happy that we had the chance to come home and everyone was healthy.

All in all, I can look back on a season where I can take away a lot of things for me and my personal way. A season, in which my roommate once again was able to win the Overall Worldcup and I am proud and happy, to share my room with him.

Last but not least I wanna say thanks to all of you out there. To those, who cheered with me, and those who sent me so much positive support.

Stay at home and look after your beloved ones. If the circumstances are relaxing Ski jumping is again in the focus and I am really looking forward to the preparation and first competitions already.

Take care,