NOR vs. FIN vs. AUT :-)

Playing golf and haveing a chat with ski jumping colleagues from other nations beside the rush in the winter. This is what makes the Ski Jumpers’ Golf Trophy to something very special.

This year, I had again the honour to play with and against Andreas Stjernen. Andreas is a great golfer and it’s not easy for me to be able to keep up but all in all it was quite good golfing this day. I can learn a lot from Andreas’ golfing skills, for example how to hit a golf ball over 300 (!) meters :O But generally it was just a great day with friends!

Finally, Team Austria took the trophy for the fourth time in a row and although the Trophy is a fun thing, as a pro athlete as we all are, you can’t turn off the competitive thought 😉

The upcoming week is a training week for me and my team mates in Italy, in Predazzo.

Enjoy your weekend 🙂