It’s over! For now.

Again, an exciting and great season lies behind me! Again, a lot of new experiences and again, many new things learned!


But first: Dear Kraftl, Congrats for this amazing season!! It’s totally crazy what you performed during the last months! Cool, to have you as a roommate.


But I also look back at this season quite satisfied, although not everything worked out as planned. My back problems at the start of this season and the sickness during the Four Hills Tournament weren’t nice, but I guess that’s part of the deal.

But all that brought me further in some way.


Therfore I was able to stand on the top podium again, in a single competition and also in a team competition. Furthermore two medals in Lahti! We have such a great teamspirit! And 7th place in the overall world cup isn’t that bad either 😉

Nevertheless there is a lot to work on for next season.


But for now, my thoughts will not circle around ski jumping. A few days at home, soccer, skiing, welcomes. A lot of things, I’m looking forward to and for which I haven’t time during the world cup season.


Last but not least I want to say thanks to everyone, who was and is part of this journey!!! And thanks to all those great fans out there! It’s amazing how you support us throughout the whole season! Thanks!