Hello spring :)

Hi guys,

after the really good end to last season, I’ve really been enjoying spring. Especially because I’ve been pain-free for months now and am really looking forward to preparing for next winter. But first I need to relax a bit and do some cool things away from ski jumping 🙂

The off-season started for me on the ski slopes: Together with the JumpandReach family, I experienced a wonderful day in the Hochzillertal ski resort. This get-together has already become a tradition, so it was really nice that the ski day could take place again. It’s always cool to see everyone again after the season and to catch up – there’s usually not so much time for that in winter… I was especially pleased that I could keep up with everyone on the alpine skis and didn’t have to think about my back.

After that it was time for a holiday! I fulfilled a dream and spent some really cool days in New York. It’s a city I’ve always wanted to see. There, we did a lot of sightseeing, but also just walked through the city and admired the tall buildings and soaked up the “American way of life”. To escape the traffic chaos, we even explored the city by bike – a real experience!

Back home, we have already started preparing for the next season, so I will keep you posted.

See you soon,