First Jumps are done

Hello my dear fans!

The first jumps of this season are done! 🙂
After some intensive weeks, during which we worked on our physical condition and completely besides the jumping hill, it is now time to get back to the hills!

Due to the fact that we tried a lot of different sports, the training regarding our fitness basics was nevertheless quite fun. In this way we also had a lot of variation in our daily training routine.

Two weeks ago we strapped our skies on for the first time this season to work on our slipperiness at the Dachstein glacier. But this week we did our first “real” jumps. I’m looking forward to the next steps “winter-wards” and the increasing trainings sessions on the jumping hill.

Besides that I’m already very excited about the Euro 2016. Surely there will be a lot of soccer on my TV in the upcoming weeks and of course I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the Austrian Team! I hope that they will manage to celebrate some victories! 🙂

In this respect, have fun watching the Euro 2016 and see you soon!