A kind of a different season-ending…

With the cancellation during the Raw Air Tournament, this year’s season end was abrupt and a completely new situation for the whole Ski jumping family. We were in the lucky situation, that we all arrived save at home and where a little lucky regarding that. 

The following weeks after the season were the most special one in my career. Everything was different and instead of skiing days, the one or other flying day with my Cessna, season-ending meetings or writing autographs for you, the fans, we had to stay at home – and that was good! I think it was the right decision to cancel the season earlier because there is simply nothing more important than our health. No matter if professional sportsman or no, health comes first.

I used the time at home, as many did, to clean up everything and beside started with a big puzzle what really challenged my puzzle skills and patience. Clearly, after the long season, some relaxation to gain power in nature was also on the schedule. This situation changed life from one day to the other, it was extremely de-accelerating and I was able to develop a different point of view on some points. Now, as step-by-step normality is coming back, I am really looking forward to my daily routine as a sport professional. The workouts at home were nice, but I am more a team player and really like the time we spend together. Playing football for warm-up, joking around and the feeling of community is really missing. Even though the following training will be different from the ones we are used to, I am really looking forward to the training with the team. By considering the guidelines and keeping the distances, we can now start training together.

I hope, that you are all doing well and that you handled the challenging situation well. At this point, once again, thank you for crossing fingers during the whole season.

Stay healthy and keep thinking positively!


Season 19/20 is in the books

It was a little abrupt and special end of the season but summing it up also this years season is in the books and also this time, the season was keeping somethings ready for me.

The start of the season was more like a rollercoaster ride than constant jumping. My results were not satisfying, and I could hardly identify where I was standing. With a lot of work and constant will, to further develop and to keep on my plan, it got better and better and steps by step I could develop a flying-feeling again. I was more satisfied with my jumps again.

At the Four Hills Tournament, there were more and more good flights coming up and at the end, I could look back on a quite solid tournee. My big goal, constantly landing in the Top 20, was reachable and not far away at this moment.

The new year held beautiful moments for me, and I could be happier with my flights again. Some Top 20 but also Top 10 Results were at the End on my account. At Sky flying, at home at the Kulm I was able to adapt to the hill and circumstances really quick and therefore I was able to show some good flights where I had a really good feeling as well. It was a nice Event, at home, in front of friends and family with good jumps and the first Home-victory for my roommate and friend Krafti.

With a podium and another TOP 10 result in Lathi, the two competitions were definitely worth travelling there and I was more than happy with my performance and the podium, which I could share with Krafti as well.  The RAW air tour in Norway came to a quick end, but it was the right decision which was made. With those things around the COVID 19 virus, you cannot mess around and in the end, we were happy that we had the chance to come home and everyone was healthy.

All in all, I can look back on a season where I can take away a lot of things for me and my personal way. A season, in which my roommate once again was able to win the Overall Worldcup and I am proud and happy, to share my room with him.

Last but not least I wanna say thanks to all of you out there. To those, who cheered with me, and those who sent me so much positive support.

Stay at home and look after your beloved ones. If the circumstances are relaxing Ski jumping is again in the focus and I am really looking forward to the preparation and first competitions already.

Take care,


Back on the podium – THANK YOU LAHTI

9th place in the single competition on Friday, 3rd place with the team on Saturday and back on the podium with a 3rd place on the second single competition on Sunday. Actually, I don’t know what else to say. It really was a great feeling being back on the podium. Sharing it with Krafti was kind of the icing on the cake on Sunday and we were really happy about everything.

I had to overcome a lot of ups and downs during this and also the last season. But I always stayed true to my concept, continued on my path and I never doubted myself or my abilities. Ski jumping is just a very complex sports and you can lose your rhythm quite easily, but it’s very difficult regaining it. During the last weeks I worked my way up into the top 20 and then further into the top 10. That it was enough for a podium yesterday is simply awesome. I am delighted and incredibly happy about this success and also about all the messages and congratulations that reached me over the phone, on Facebook and Instagram – THANKS for all of them.

Lathti has been a “good ground” for me on many occasions now and I will keep Finland in good memory after this weekend for quite a while. This podium is amazing, but in Norway with the start of the Raw Air Tour the game will start from the beginning again. I will travel there with self-confidence and in good shape and will try to show satisfactory jumps.

Us athletes are awaiting great fans and fantastic hills, but also ten tough days with lots of competitions, but I am already looking forward to it.

We will read/write us again after the Raw Air,
Thanks again for your amazing support,


Thank you Kulm!

The ski flying at Kulm turned out as the spectacle everyone suspected it to be and the legendary hill was once more a real highlight of the season.

Right from the beginning I was “good friends” with the hill and could show jumps clearly over 200 meters. I was in the “flying mode” straight away and I could enjoy the atmosphere and the playing with the forces in the air – for me as a pilot, flying will always be an amazing feeling. On Friday, the qualification hat to be cancelled because of too much wind, but on the following day the conditions where a lot better and fair, so it really was a lot of fun.

On competition day one I was more than content with my flights on 215.5 and 224 meters and in the end rank 11 felt pretty good. On day two I wasn’t very pleased with my first jump on 215 meters. Round two was way better – but because of emerging winds it had to be cancelled, so only the first jump was counted for the result and I ended up as 23rd, but still with good feelings.

At the winners ceremony the Austrian national anthem was played for my roommate Krafti, who celebrated his first HOME VICTORY – Congrats Krafti, what a strong performance.

After collecting those “flight miles”, the next destination is Rasnov in Romania, where the 200 m flights will quickly turn into 90 m jumps because of the hill size of 97m.

Thanks again to all my friends, family and fans for the unbelievable support at the hill!


Ski flying at home, here we come…

With the Kulm there is a highlight coming for us ski jumpers. On the one hand there is the fascination of ski flying and on the other hand the amazing atmosphere in front of the home crowd. So altogether, everything is there for a perfect ski flying weekend.

In my last competitions my jumps felt good and sometimes even very good, I could gain a lot of consistency and self-confidence. With the competitions in Zakopane, Sapporo and Willingen I came a lot closer to my season goal of consistently jumping into the top 20 – with three top 20 results and even one top 10 (8th place in Sapporo).

I am pleased, I feel fit and I am headed into the right direction. At Kulm I want to confirm my rising shape and further develop my flight system in order to become more stable and consistent. I’m sure the higher speed and the longer “air-time” will help me with that.

So keep your fingers crossed or best be on the site at Kulm and we will see us there,


4 Hills Tournament

This year’s 4 hills was very spectacular like always, but it wasn’t an easy one for me. Before it started, it was already difficult for me to assess my chances. During the first competitions of the season I didn’t really manage to get a consistency into my jumps and I wasn’t always satisfied with my performance. Because of that, my personal goal for the 4 hills was finding more consistency.

After a lot of anticipation and intensive training sessions the 68th 4 hills tournament started with the opening competition in Oberstdorf. For me personally it was a good start into the competitions: I could show solid jumps and reached rank 14. Garmisch sadly promised nothing too good – like every year as it seems. I wasn’t in the best health and therefore not in top form, which eventually showed in my jumps and with a 28th place. Back in Austria, in Innsbruck, I improved my performance and reached rank 23 with two steady jumps. In Bischofshofen I was content with a 19th place after showing good rounds.

All in all, I ended the 4 hills tournament on rank 18. A solid result – but I know that I have to continue working hard on my jumps in order to be back in the Top 10.

Congratulations to Dawid Kubacki for his well-deserved win and to Marius Lindvik for his impressive performances in Oberstdorf and Garmisch. A big thanks goes out to all the incredible fans who were out on the hill, who supported us loudly throughout the tournament and who made the 4 hills to the special event it really is. I’m looking forward to all the upcoming competitions with you guys.

See you,

Final countdown for the 4 Hills Tournament

The season has only seen four competitions yet and there’s already a big spectacle awaiting us with the 4 Hills Tournament. The 68th edition will again fascinate fans and athletes and will guarantee a great atmosphere.

Of course I am not travelling to the 4 hills as a favorite. But I will try to work calmly on my concept and towards my goal, despite all the hype around the competitions. Maybe the hills in Innsbruck and Bischofshofen will help me a little, because they are both ski jumps that I really like.

Up until now my performances in the World Cup were a little like a roller coaster ride. When looking at the results in the single competitions its rank 36, 21, 13, 35, 18 and 34. Ups and downs with partly good approaches, but also some jumps far from satisfactory. At the moment it’s difficult for me to say where I am at exactly. My performances are fluctuating a lot, but my goal stays the same: placing myself in the top 20 on a constant basis. Even if I have already achieved that on a few occasions, my flight system and my jumps just need to become steadier.

But before it is all about results and meters on the hill, Christmas at home is up to come. Thoughtful, within the family and with delicious food we will spend Christmas without any hectic as every year.

With this in mind I wish you a merry Christmas time and we will see us again fully motivated at the 4 hills in Oberstdorf.


Austrian championships, Cyprus and preseason preparations -> check

Only just were we looking forward to the upcoming Summer Grand Prix, the “fighting” against and with our ski jumping colleagues, the competition at home in Hinzenbach, followed by the Austrian championships and then the team regeneration in Cyprus. And now, a few weeks – which feels like only a few days – later, everything is already completed and the winter season is virtually just around the corner.

It was a good preseason for me in the last couple of weeks and month. I feel fit, my back doesn’t cause any problems so far and I am ready. The past training courses with the team were a lot of fun, we developed a good team spirit and the atmosphere within the team is really cool.

With the Austrian championships on the normal hill in Tschagguns, the first intern team comparison was on the schedule. I could show two quite solid jumps at not so easy conditions on the ice track and could defend my national champion’s title, which of course I’m still very pleased with. Unfortunately, this year there was no competition on the big hill due to heavy winds.

So our next destination – after two training days in Rif, Salzburg – was Cyprus for our yearly team regeneration camp. Soaking up some sun, mixed with a few strength training sessions at around 30 degrees is always something the whole team looks forward to and a little sun is definitely good before the World Cup start 😉

Back home, “freshly tanned” we suited up and attended the Austrian Sports Gala in Vienna together with the JumpandReach family. Now we continue with two training courses in Innsbruck and then there are only a few days left until the World Cup start in Wisla.

Thanks to all of you in advance for keeping your fingers crossed in the upcoming season and a nice start into the winter,

Yours Michi.

Summer, training, sun, sunshine…

We are in the middle of summer and the hottest time of the year is on its best behavior. At the end of July/beginning of August I spent some time in Mallorca together with friends, soaking up a lot of sun and enjoying a few days off on the Spanish island.

In the meantime I’m already back in “training and competition mode” and the Summer Grand Prix has started again. I skipped the opening competition in Wisla and used the time for training sessions. In Courchevel I competed in my first Summer Grand Prix of the year, but not in the way I was hoping to – but that’s what summer is for, to test your shape and to prepare for winter step by step. Talking about preparing: I will also skip the upcoming SGP in Zakopane and will train on my home hill in Hinzenbach in order to build up consistency and be ready for the following stations of the Summer Grand Prix.

In the upcoming days and weeks I will most certainly also enjoy some time in nature and will be outside a lot when I am not training.

Meanwhile, I wish you all a nice summer with lots of sun, I will keep you posted,


Congrats Norges…

Ready… Steady… GO… As every year my calendar shows me it is time for Ski Jumper’s Golf Trophy, an “international” tournament, which I really enjoy every year. On a relaxing 9-hole-round and a dinner in the evening, me and my ski jumping colleagues have the opportunity to exchange news and have a great time with each other. Together with my team colleagues of TEAM AUSTRIA we started a rematch against the Norges, who won the title last year. My this year’s golfing performance was quite good and that’s why I wanted to show my best at this day’s tournament and of course, have a great day with the Norges.

It’s great to see my ski jumping colleagues in a completely different atmosphere and to chat, which has not to be about ski jumping all the time. Beside the ambition, which no one could let go on, the coming together for dinner in the evening and especially on the green was important to us.

The conditions for the golf match were great at Zillertal: The weather was perfect and there was not too much wind for the drives. At the last hole I dimpled two balls in the water, however, I am quite satisfied with my performance this day 😉. Nevertheless my performance was not good enough to help my team to win against the Norges. Of course, we would have been glad to win the match, therefore we have to beat them next year 😉. My favourite rematch would be, of course, on the jump – if that works, I can cope with losing the Golf Trophy 😉.

My team and I start summer season with some awesome training sessions. Wish you all a good start of summer,