Injury and JumpandReach for friends

Unfortunately the summer didn’t start as I expected it to. Instead of training and exercise I had to pause, because I injured myself during training. I tore my anterior syndesmosis ligament and also got a bone marrow edema. As a result, I was unable to exercise for some time and was only allowed to return to training slowly. That was of course very annoying and for the season preparation everything but ideal. Fortunately, it was a rather short matter in the end, which I overcame quite quickly and so far well. Certainly, I lost some training and had to realign my plans together with my coach Patrick. But I am in good spirits that I am now on a promising path.

Unfortunately, the injury has not only prevented me from training. I arrived a little later for the JumpandReach for friends in Seefeld because I couldn’t take part in the hike with the kids due to my injured foot. Nevertheless, it was again a unique experience to get together with the whole JumpandReach family after the season and celebrate the cool achievements. The community atmosphere, the relaxed mood and the friendly exchange are a fixed point every year that I look forward to very much. The joint dinner including the medal celebration with the entire JumpandReach family was once again an absolute highlight and the subsequent workshops and discussions were important and interesting.

As I said, I have been back in full training mode for a few weeks now. With every day the excitement for the new season is rising – hopefully with you fans at the hills again. 🙂

See you soon

Let’s go to Planica!

After two weeks of quarantine, I’m still going to Planica! Fortunately, I was able to get the time at home almost well behind me and now I’m really looking forward to the World Championships and ski flying in the “ski flying Mecca” Planica. I didn’t feel really sick during my “house arrest” and now I also hope that I’m not lacking too much physically – but that will only show up over the days when I fly.

I feel fit so far and have now tested negative twice. But after 14 days at home, I obviously lack the training and, above all, the important competition rhythm. But I am glad that I was able to keep myself fit with the barbell, with one or the other exercise for the core and balance.

Yesterday I got a little bit of the jumping feeling on the hill in Ramsau and can travel to Slovenia with these jumps and one or the other constant jump from Wisla in my luggage.

I realize that the favorites will of course be different – you don’t have to be a psychic There are now some who already have a really good rhythm and sense of achievement. BUT I’m looking forward to opposing this with the Austrian team and making the best possible use of the less than ideal preparation. Any medal for our team would be amazing – “From the couch to the podium” – how cool that would sound. We will definitely fight.

In Planica I would like to try to gain consistency every day, build up tension and get back to the competition rhythm. In the past few years I have always succeeded in finding my way back to my system through ski flying and I could use that very well now.

When it comes to ski flying, I now have my personal “guru” with Krafti in my room and we will be by our side. Stick together day after day, then it will be …

I’m looking forward to ski flying. We will try to do the best we can for ourselves and also for Austria. We shall see what it will be enough for.

I’m already saying please, please keep your fingers crossed at home in front of the television.

All the best & stay healthy,


“Hello” from the quarantine

As you know, I have unfortunately also tested positive for Corona and would now like to let you know how I‘m doing at the moment.

Basically, since I got the positive result, I’ve never felt bad and I haven’t “felt really sick”. The only thing I have is a minimal cough, that’s all in terms of symptoms.

I noticed last weekend that I was very tired. But this is probably also due to the fact that a certain (competition) tension has already dropped and, to be honest, a bit of a depressing feeling has set in when you have to watch ski jumping on TV at home instead of being there yourself. Otherwise, as I said, I feel quite fit and I couldn’t say that I am feeling too bad.

I don’t have much choice now than to remain optimistic and see that I can remain fit and that I stay as strong as possible. Lots of warm tea, a few vitamins and the occasional visit to the infrared cabin are my “home remedies” 🙂

In addition, I make sure that I keep my flexibility high and that I do not break down physically with a little core training and one or the other exercise to stay “fit” – there is not much more that is possible at the moment.

At the end of this week, another corona test and then a sports medical examination will show whether I can resume my training rhythm and then get into competition – but I’m very confident in this regard. Now I’m trying to look ahead and, as far as possible, give everything to be completely healthy and ready for action again soon!

You will then hear from me again, read and hopefully see me on the hill again very VERY soon 😉

Bye for now,


PS: Thank you very much for your numerous recovery wishes! 🙂 🙂

Let’s get the season started!

A season that we have never experienced before. Not only because of Corona, but also because of all the highlights that are barely tearing off this season. Ski flying World Championship, Nordic World Championship, Four Hills Tournament … this winter has everything what it takes to become a ski jumping festival for us jumpers but also for our loyal fans.

It will not only be another, somewhat more difficult winter for us, but also for the fans – who create an atmosphere that we as athletes enjoy year after year and week after week in the World Cup. But none of that will be of any use this year, we have to go through it and we have to be happy when we get through as many competitions as possible.

The cohesion in the team, in the room with Krafti, trainer, Patrick etc. will be our most important building block this year and we all have to work well together so that we can get through the season well.

With Andi as head coach, we have a good group together, I’ve known Andi for a long time and over the summer the team has really found each other and we enjoy a good atmosphere in the team. I got through the summer well this year too, I feel good, the balance between training and everything is just right at the moment. The jumps are good, but not very good yet – I still have to work on that but also grow on it, I’m looking forward to it!

It is of course difficult or almost impossible to say where you stand at the moment (due to Corona), but almost everyone feels the same and the first competition of the season will be a kind of position determination for all of us.

For me it is important to start the season properly, to improve then and develop step by step and continuously – that is my stated goal. Of course, it would be cool to be at the front especially at the highlights, but everything has to fit together and it won’t be easy.

At the weekend it’s going to start in Wisla, then we might already know a little more where we’re going.

I’ll keep you posted, stay healthy


Vacation at home, training course, 2 weddings and the Austrian championship

So there was a lot going on for me in August and September. Even if not with the same division as in previous years, there was a lot to do in the “final” preparation for the 20/21 season. Of course, Corona and the associated measures were a constant companion, but at least in a few areas a certain “normality” returned, or should I better say we were “getting used to the circumstances”.

Due to these circumstances, there were of course no national and international competitions and comparisons with the ski jumping competition in this early autumn and meetings with the ski jumping family did not materialize. Away from the jumps, at least at two weddings, our ski jumping colleagues “Schiffi” and “Aigi” had the opportunity “to toast” a nice, new phase of their lives in a small group. In addition to the weddings, we also got together with the entire team more often – for example at the training course in Oberstdorf or at the Austrian championship in Eisenerz or in Bischofshofen. Apropos Austrian championships: With 6th place on the normal hill in Eisenerz and the silver medal on the large hill in Bischofshofen, I’m more than satisfied – after a long dry spell in terms of competitions, the jumps went quite well and I can feel good, looking back on these competitions and one of the few comparisons.

Aside from sport, a lot has happened for me and I used my “vacation at home” to move. I am now even closer to the training base in Rif, so I can travel to training by bike, and not far from there I have created my own four walls with my girlfriend Claudia. The construction phase and the move ultimately took a lot of time and effort, but I’m very happy with the result now.

For me or us, one or two advertising shoots and an Austria Cup in Stams are on the program, where we can again measure ourselves internally in a competitive atmosphere.

I’m looking forward to it and will definitely keep you up-to-date,

Take care,

Yours Michi.

Pure adrenaline rush at skydiving with HSV Red Bull Salzburg

If you have the opportunity to go parachuting with the HSV Red Bull Salzburg at home in Salzburg with the JumpandReach troop in fantastic weather, you don’t say no. Anyone who knows me also knows that everything that has to do with air and flying is “my element” anyway and I can’t get enough of it – I would almost say that it has a certain addictive potential for me.

I’ve done a tandem jump like this before, but it was still an amazing experience. For many, flying up to the jump height is the “most uncomfortable” thing. As a pilot, I’m used to flying, so I like to take a look in the cockpit to see what’s going on there, and then really just enjoy the anticipation before the jump. Even if the pulse is of course a bit higher, it is almost pure anticipation when you dangle your legs out of the plane and then “dive down”. You never leave cold when you know that you are jumping out of a plane at an altitude of 4000 meters, but the experience is always unique.

I’ve been asked several times whether I can draw comparisons to ski jumping and I have to answer that more or less with “no”. The only thing I can think of as a similarity is that once you are in a stable position in free fall, you can immediately unbalance yourself with the smallest movements with your hands and feet, turn, etc. That is maybe a bit similar to ski jumping – that kind of “playing with the air”.

For me it was once again a tremendous experience that I will not forget anytime soon.

All the best in the meantime,

Your Michi.

JumpandReach come-together in the Zillertal

It’s been a while since we last met with the JumpandReach family and had a good time together away from jumps or training. Neither the skiing day in Hochzillertal nor the Skijumpers ‘Golf Trophy could take place this year and so it was a long time without a real “family get-together”.

Last weekend, however, the long wait came to an end and we went to the Zillertal for three beautiful days. In addition to a successful trophy celebration on Friday, when we looked back on the great season of Stefan, Chiara and Jo, there was a leisurely hike to the Geolsalm on Saturday and later on Saturday and Sunday we could use the time together at the Golf club Zillertal-Uderns and hit a few balls again on one of the most beautiful golf courses and go for a round there. (except for hole 9, the round was very good, but okay … ;-))

So, this weekend everything that belongs to a JumpandReach meeting was there: a cool group, a great mood, a nice hike, a couple of tee-offs at golf and, on top of that, great hospitality and simply a great time. It was cool to meet the troop again and to exchange ideas and chat with each other again.

In the meantime, I wish you beautiful, sunny days and a fine summer,


Step by step towards more “normality”

First of all, I hope that you are all well and that you come through this time well and are well up. Even if we are still confronted with many restrictions and important measures, we feel that we are approaching more and more at least a certain “normality” and a certain “everyday life”.

In my case, or in my “everyday sports and leisure”, this means that I was finally able to take my “Cesna” up in the air again and finally get a “picture from above” again. I missed that feeling of freedom and flying and it was very nice to be back in the air. Of course, there was also one or the other training jump on the hill. There I try to get used to ski-jumping again and start flying step by step. In addition to the training jumps, we were FINALLY on the road together again as a team at a training course in Faak am See. Training courses with the team are simply good for the body, but above all for the soul and it was once again a great course in Faak – although with a few restrictions, but that was okay.

In addition to flying and ski jumping, I was often out in nature and enjoyed the sun and the view there. In the last few days I even went surfing for the first time on a so-called “river wave”, an artificially created wave, and for the first time it wasn’t that bad … but I still prefer to stick to ski jumping 😉

And of course, I was out on the golf course and had a great time there, especially at the Audi Shootout at the Murhof Golf Club. In a nice K.O. round to measure a duel with the golf pros in a format where every single stroke counts was a cool experience. My first three strokes and thus laps were very good, but then the show was over for me 😉

So there has been a little something going on in the last few days and weeks and it feels good that slowly but surely more and more everyday life is returning and ensuring something normal. For me, a training camp with the team, some training jumps and FINALLY another meeting with the JumpandReach family are on the program in the coming weeks.

I will keep you up to date,

All the best,


A kind of a different season-ending…

With the cancellation during the Raw Air Tournament, this year’s season end was abrupt and a completely new situation for the whole Ski jumping family. We were in the lucky situation, that we all arrived save at home and where a little lucky regarding that. 

The following weeks after the season were the most special one in my career. Everything was different and instead of skiing days, the one or other flying day with my Cessna, season-ending meetings or writing autographs for you, the fans, we had to stay at home – and that was good! I think it was the right decision to cancel the season earlier because there is simply nothing more important than our health. No matter if professional sportsman or no, health comes first.

I used the time at home, as many did, to clean up everything and beside started with a big puzzle what really challenged my puzzle skills and patience. Clearly, after the long season, some relaxation to gain power in nature was also on the schedule. This situation changed life from one day to the other, it was extremely de-accelerating and I was able to develop a different point of view on some points. Now, as step-by-step normality is coming back, I am really looking forward to my daily routine as a sport professional. The workouts at home were nice, but I am more a team player and really like the time we spend together. Playing football for warm-up, joking around and the feeling of community is really missing. Even though the following training will be different from the ones we are used to, I am really looking forward to the training with the team. By considering the guidelines and keeping the distances, we can now start training together.

I hope, that you are all doing well and that you handled the challenging situation well. At this point, once again, thank you for crossing fingers during the whole season.

Stay healthy and keep thinking positively!


Season 19/20 is in the books

It was a little abrupt and special end of the season but summing it up also this years season is in the books and also this time, the season was keeping somethings ready for me.

The start of the season was more like a rollercoaster ride than constant jumping. My results were not satisfying, and I could hardly identify where I was standing. With a lot of work and constant will, to further develop and to keep on my plan, it got better and better and steps by step I could develop a flying-feeling again. I was more satisfied with my jumps again.

At the Four Hills Tournament, there were more and more good flights coming up and at the end, I could look back on a quite solid tournee. My big goal, constantly landing in the Top 20, was reachable and not far away at this moment.

The new year held beautiful moments for me, and I could be happier with my flights again. Some Top 20 but also Top 10 Results were at the End on my account. At Sky flying, at home at the Kulm I was able to adapt to the hill and circumstances really quick and therefore I was able to show some good flights where I had a really good feeling as well. It was a nice Event, at home, in front of friends and family with good jumps and the first Home-victory for my roommate and friend Krafti.

With a podium and another TOP 10 result in Lathi, the two competitions were definitely worth travelling there and I was more than happy with my performance and the podium, which I could share with Krafti as well.  The RAW air tour in Norway came to a quick end, but it was the right decision which was made. With those things around the COVID 19 virus, you cannot mess around and in the end, we were happy that we had the chance to come home and everyone was healthy.

All in all, I can look back on a season where I can take away a lot of things for me and my personal way. A season, in which my roommate once again was able to win the Overall Worldcup and I am proud and happy, to share my room with him.

Last but not least I wanna say thanks to all of you out there. To those, who cheered with me, and those who sent me so much positive support.

Stay at home and look after your beloved ones. If the circumstances are relaxing Ski jumping is again in the focus and I am really looking forward to the preparation and first competitions already.

Take care,