Back in Business

The World Cup Season ended about a month ago and after some appointments it was time to relax!!

Eventually I had some time again for my friends, girlfriend and family and I did enjoy that very much. Besides I used the remaining winter days for some skiing and I already sounded the bell for spring at the golf course.

Additionally my ski jumping club the UVB Hinzenbach, hold a great welcome for me at the hill where once everything started. It was amazing how many people come by to congratulate me for the last season. I’m so very pleased to see that those people have so much fun with what I’m doing!!

Since last week we’re already in preparation mode for next season. Like last year our first mutual trainings course consisted of some (hard) days of ice hockey. Bruises included. But that’s ice hockey, right!? 😉 Apart from that we spend most our training at the moment with a lot of different kinds of sports, like cycling, running and of course soccer. 😉

Bye for now!

That was the season 2015/2016

A long and exhausting season lies behind us now. Since Easter – and after the last appointments past week – I finally have some time to relax. After those many weeks in the ski jumping world cup, you can be sure that I will enjoy spending some time with my family, girlfriend and friends. 😉

Cause in some weeks we’ll already start into the season 2016/2017 – at least concerning our summer training. Mid of April we’ll have our first trainings course together but until then you can find me on the slopes or perhaps already on the golf course. 😉

But let’s come back to past season. When looking back on the last months, I can do this very satisfied. It was my best world cup season by now – third place at the Four Hill Tournament, bronze with the team at the ski flying world championships, three world cup victories and fourth in the final account. Thereby I already listed all my season highlights, although those three victories in a row in Finland were definitely my sportive highlight and the bronze medal at the Kulm my emotional highlight, because we also tried to win this medal for Lukas Müller. In this way, again all the best to you Luki! Stay strong!
But of course not everything went perfectly for me this season. That’s part of the game and exactly those are the things I’ll have to work on during summer.

And of course congratulation to Peter Prevc: Peter, what you accomplished this season is almost inhuman. But we will challenge you again next season and I’m already looking forward to this.

For the time being enjoy this nice spring! 😉

Season Finale in Planica

What a finale in Slovenia!!?? Just a perfect weekend to end this season! The weather, the fans, the flights – it was simply amazing.

Although I didn’t made it on the podium of the overall world cup, I still was absolutely satisfied with the last world cup weekend. It just made so much fun and also a privilege to ski jump in front of this incredible scenery. Congrats to Kenneth for this great performance – it was an exciting duel with you, but next year I will be ahead of you! 😉

After Planica I traveled with Krafti to Berlin. Dirk Thiele from Eurosport invited us to his special talk show “Talk unterm Turm” benath the Berlin TV Tower – a very enjoyable evening. In this way, thanks to all the great fans in Berlin for stopping by. And so the circle is complete: We ended the season in Berlin and last November we began it in Germany’s capital city. Everyone who hasn’t seen the clip about our trip in November can watch it on YouTube: Berlin Trip

Now it is time to relax and to spend some time with family and friends! 🙂

Happy Easter!

Finland, I like

What happened those days in Finland!? To win three competitions in a row in the world cup – just awesome!!! 🙂

I knew that the break during the Sapporo world cup was good for me but in Norway not yet everything fit perfectly together, although the results were nevertheless satisfying. Despite I wasn’t able to place at the very front ski flying at the Vikersund Bakken was of course the highlight during the “Norway Tour”. Therefor I could congratulate my room Buddy Kraftl for setting a new Austrian record! But I will try to take this record back! 😉

What then happened in Finland is hard to describe. To win three competition in a row is an unbelievable feeling and has whet my appetite for the remaining competitions of this season. I’m not able to point the finger at the reason why it everything is working out so great at the moment, but I will definitely not change anything. 😉

After a very short stop at home we’ll continue with two single competitions this weekend in Almaty. After that we have left on our schedule: Wisla, Titisee-Neustadt and the great sky flying finale in Planica. You can be sure that I’m looking forward to all of this! 🙂

See you!

3x Norway in a week

So, my short break during the world cups in Sapporo is already over and the first competitions have already passed. I benefited very much from this break, had the opportunity to train and relax perfectly and now I’m prepared for the upcoming tasks.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get on the podium again with the team, but I was really satisfied with my two jumps after the break. I also was looking forward to the single competition in Oslo but unluckily the fog put a spoke in our wheel.

But in Trondheim it already went really well for me. The first round wasn’t ideally, but in the second one I had a great jump and in the end I finished up in a good fourth place. Congrats to my room buddy Kraftl for his 2nd place! 🙂

Now ski flying at the huge hill in Vikersund is next on our agenda. An impressive hill to which I’m very much looking forward to because it was (until Planica last year) the hill where I could achieve my personal best. Who knows, perhaps I will be able to do so again. 😉

See you!

Pause after Zakopane

A really cool weekend lies behind me. First the second place in the team competition on Saturday and then another second place in the single competition behind my “room buddy” Kraftl on Sunday – and all in front of this amazing crowd!! I’m so delighted to see that we, as a team, can compete about the foremost places and that I can contribute my part to the success. Furthermore it was the fifth single podium for me this season. It can go on like that. 😉

But before it will go on for me, I will take a short break from the world cup and therefore skip the competitions in Japan. Of course I would like to take part in Sapporo and the people there would have earned it that all top athletes participate in Japan but due to the fact that I was a little bit in frail health in the last time it is simply common sense to take a break.
Actually it was already pretty clear at first sight that you can’t really pull through the whole world cup calendar. Although I’m curious whether someone will try to do it and how this will come to an end. Meanwhile my program will be some relaxation and training at home.

In a little more than a week, I will be back at the world cup in Oslo to which I’m already looking forward to.

Till then,

Your Michi

Tour over, Kulm already there!

It’s like blow upon blow at the moment. Just jumping at the 4 Hills Tournament, then Willingen last weekend and tomorrow already the qualification for the Ski Flying World Championships. Not much time to catch a breath. On the other side these are really exciting and cool weeks.

The 4 Hills Tournament went also this year very well for me. I was able to jump in the TOP-5 at all four stations, 2x on the podium and third place in the overall competition behind Severin Freund und Peter Prevc, who just was unbeatable during the tournament. Congrats! Not least because of this I’m very satisfied with the result, although there is still some potential to improve.

And this potential is exactly what I want to recall at the Ski Flying World Championships at the Kulm because my goal at this weekend is to take part in the fight about the medals. Furthermore I’m looking forward to all the fans at the hill. To have the privilege to jump towards all these flags is an indescribable feeling. The Kulm is also something very special to me personally because it was the place where I saw on the shoulders of my dad how Andreas Goldberger won the title in 1996.

In this sense, keep your fingers crossed! 😉

Until then,

Sports Day 2015

Hey guys,

last weekend I stopped by the „Tag des Sports” in Vienna – a day under sign of sports. Like every year a lot of people came by and I really enjoyed having some time with all the visitors and fans. You could see how much enthusiasm sports can create among people and I also tried some of the presented sports by myself. I only can recommend you to come to this event next year.

Next week I will start at the last Summer Grand Prix this year at home in Hinzenbach. I’m looking forward to the competition at the weekend and will also do some training jumps there to be perfectly prepared.

So long!

Sommer GPs are coming

Hey guys,

by now some time has already past during our preparations for next season. Recently, we especially trained a lot on the jumping hill and I’m doing pretty good and I’m very satisfied with my performance right now. Last week we trained at the Bergisel and this week in Bischofshofen, so we are already on the way at the 4 Hill Tournament stops.

Now I’m looking forward to the first competitions in 1 ½ weeks in Wisla, Poland. I’m very curious to find out where we are standing in relation to the other nations and ski jumpers.

We will see us there!
Best, Michi

Kulm – it was an honor for me!

Spectacular days at the Kulm! The fans, the hill, the flights. As a hobby pilot I really love to be at the ski flying hills and I always try to enjoy every flight as far as it is possible.

Unfortunately I didn’t made it among the best ski flyers in the single competition because I had very tough wind conditions during my second jump and therefore a top width wasn’t possible. Nevertheless I’m satisfied with my performance because I had another great jump about 228m on the second day, with which I was able to make up some places.

But the team competition went really well. Not only for me personally, with two great jumps over 200m, but due to the fact that we could win the bronze medal with the team. I guess a medal which only few thought we would be capable to achieve. Furthermore as the final jumper of our team. Just amazing!! 🙂

Thereby thanks to all the fans which made the Kulm again to such an incredible event. I can tell you with your support we are simply able to fly some more meters than usual.

With all the joy I don’t want to forget Lukas Müller who fell badly at the Kulm. Luki, we wish you all the best! Stay strong!

After some days at home, we are now already leaving for Zakopane, Poland. Also a really cool world cup station which I’m already looking forward to.