4 Hills Tournament 2016/2017

Now, that was a 4 Hills Tournament with crazy ups and downs –after which I really had to rest for one, two days!


After the amazing start in Oberstdorf with the 3rd place and Krafti’s victory, I hadn’t such an easy time jumping in Garmisch. Nevertheless I was satisfied with the result after 2 out of 4 stations. Especially our team performance was really great!


But then we had very tough luck. I and also some others of our team got a gastrointestinal virus, and therefore I wasn’t able to jump at the legendary Bergisel in Innsbruck. Instead I had to stay in bed and get as much sleep as possible.


Eventually I was at least able to jump again in Bischofshofen, although I was still really striken by the virus. The fact that nevertheless I could jump on the podium again is just crazy and amazing at the same time, so a cool ending of a turbulent 4 Hills Tournament. Congrats to Kamil for a definitely deserved victory and also to Daniel, who just also had tough luck!!


And very important: Thanks to all the fans who came to the hills!! You made this tournament again so special and unique!!


On Thursday we head to our next world cup station Wisla. That means regenerating and then “full speed ahead”.

Engelberg – Christmas – 4 Hills

Dear Friends,

exhausting weeks lie behind us! But exhausting weeks are also about to come. Engelberg was really great before we will head to the 4 Hills Tournament. After my back problems during the last weeks, it was just amazing to achieve my fourth world cup victory. Furthermore we could show a really strong team performance!

But now it’s time to relax and to spend some quiet days with my family! Some good food. This is exactly the right thing to do, to start at the 4 Hills Tournament with full batteries.

Christmas is also a time to say thank you. Thanks to all those hard working people, who make it possible for me and the rest of the team to show our best jumps. And also thanks to my family which has always my back. Thanks a lot!!

Merry Christmas!
See you at the 4 Hills!

World Cup Season 2016/17 – Here we come!

A new world cup season has started. After the first jumps on snow in Lillehammer, we had the world cup opening in Ruka, Finland. I like to be in Finland, because I like the jumping hills and also the special atmosphere there. The first two competitions were not ideal but I wasn’t unsatisfied with my 11th and 10th place.

The world cup weekend in Klingenthal started with a team competition. Together with Krafti, Fetti and Kofi we achieved a great 3rd place behind Germany and Poland! This podium shows not only that we are on the right track concerning our team performance; it also reflects our amazing team spirit.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to build on my performance of the team competition on the next day. Due to some problems I couldn’t qualify for the second round. Now I have to carry on with my work and then we will see what’s possible at the next world cup station.

Next stop: Lillehammer!


Countdown to season start!

Hey Guys!

I hope you are looking forward to the winter as much as I do, because the world cup start approaches with giants steps – and soon every weekend will be a ski jumping weekend 🙂

Meanwhile the summer Grand Prix is also behind us and the (home) finale in Hinzenbach was once again a highlight. I can also look back absolutely contently at the summer Grand Prix finale with 7th place. And again, as so often, the fans were great!! Apropos mood: At this year’s Austrian Championships in Bischofshofen the mood was once again very cool – for me some really solid jumps and a great jumping Manuel Fettner 🙂

However, so that you guys get to know more about me during wintertime, I was at the most beautiful power station in Austria. Not alone bit with the ORF TV Channel and I had the pleasure to see and to experience some a great location. But you guys will see more of the story during the season 😉

Last week we had a kind of “finishing” training course in Cyprus with great training conditions and summerly temperatures before we take off to cold Scandinavia at the end of November to start our long and hard world cup season 🙂

See you soon,


Back @work

Beach, Sun, Ocean – I really had very relaxing vacations. Thereby I could perfectly recharge my batteries and get the necessary power for the upcoming weeks and months till the world cup opening.


But vacations already lie two weeks behind me and I’m fully in preparation mode again. Now it’s training, training, training. In about two weeks we have our “Home Summer Grand Prix” in Hinzenbach on the schedule. I’m very much looking forward to those two days with all the Austrian fans beside the hill! This will be again a great experience!


Besides all the ski jumping I’m currently moving to my new home near Salzburg. So, as you can guess, I don’t have a boring time at the moment. 😉


See you soon!


Sommer Grand Prix 2016

Hey guys!

Exhausting but also exciting weeks lie behind me! Courchevel – Wisla – Hinterzarten – Einsiedeln. The first four stops of this year’s Sommer Grand Prix are already over and I’m quite satisfied with my performance.

At the beginning of the Sommer Grand Prix it didn’t went for me as I wished, although the 4th place in Courchevel definitely wasn’t a bad start. However I didn’t know why certain things worked out respectively didn’t work out as planned. But at the last stop in Einsiedeln I found the necessary feeling again and I’m pretty satisfied with my 3rd place.

Now it’s time to relax and regenerate at the beach, in the sun. 😉 Afterwards I will continue my preparations for the upcoming season.

Till then, I wish you a great summer! 🙂

JumpandReach for friends 2016

Hey guys!

Our preparation for the next season goes on and on and we are already having our first Summer Grand Prix in Courchevel in less than two weeks. So next week we will hit the road again. I’m looking forward to meet all the other nations and to compete against them on the ski jumping hill. Let’s see where we are standing. 😉

But last weekend we firstly had our annual “JumpandReach for friends Meeting” on the tap. A weekend on which we always spend some great days with all the other JumpandReach athletes, mentors and friends.

Besides football – we watched the EURO 2016 quarter finals and played football ourselves with some kids from Seefeld – we did some very interesting workshops whereby we all could take away something for ourselves. Additionally it was great to have people like Günther Mader at the meeting because it is always exciting to talk with him and you can learn so much from this guy.

Another great experience was again our visit in Innsbruck’s children’s hospital. It is so nice to see how much joy a short visit from Kraftl, Mario and me could cause. Won’t be our last visit.

In this respect have a nice time you all and see you soon!

Great golf tournament against the Norges

Together with Krafti, Schiffi, Fetti and Patrick we challenged our Norwegian colleagues Anders Fannemel, Johann Andre Forfang, Daniel Andre Tande, Alex Stöckl and Andreas Stjernen on one of the most beautiful golf course I know.

Although the friendly get-together was the main reason for our meeting, we did fight about every shot. 😉 and in the end we were able to win the trophy again.

It was a really fun day and I enjoyed especially playing against my friend and opponent Andreas. Anyhow I’m looking forward to the revenge on the hill during winter. 😉

In this sense, keep it in the fairway!

First Jumps are done

Hello my dear fans!

The first jumps of this season are done! 🙂
After some intensive weeks, during which we worked on our physical condition and completely besides the jumping hill, it is now time to get back to the hills!

Due to the fact that we tried a lot of different sports, the training regarding our fitness basics was nevertheless quite fun. In this way we also had a lot of variation in our daily training routine.

Two weeks ago we strapped our skies on for the first time this season to work on our slipperiness at the Dachstein glacier. But this week we did our first “real” jumps. I’m looking forward to the next steps “winter-wards” and the increasing trainings sessions on the jumping hill.

Besides that I’m already very excited about the Euro 2016. Surely there will be a lot of soccer on my TV in the upcoming weeks and of course I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the Austrian Team! I hope that they will manage to celebrate some victories! 🙂

In this respect, have fun watching the Euro 2016 and see you soon!

Back in Business

The World Cup Season ended about a month ago and after some appointments it was time to relax!!

Eventually I had some time again for my friends, girlfriend and family and I did enjoy that very much. Besides I used the remaining winter days for some skiing and I already sounded the bell for spring at the golf course.

Additionally my ski jumping club the UVB Hinzenbach, hold a great welcome for me at the hill where once everything started. It was amazing how many people come by to congratulate me for the last season. I’m so very pleased to see that those people have so much fun with what I’m doing!!

Since last week we’re already in preparation mode for next season. Like last year our first mutual trainings course consisted of some (hard) days of ice hockey. Bruises included. But that’s ice hockey, right!? 😉 Apart from that we spend most our training at the moment with a lot of different kinds of sports, like cycling, running and of course soccer. 😉

Bye for now!