Spring is when…

… I swap my ski jumping outfit for my golf bag or even my tennis racket now and then and I slowly but surely set up my concept for the upcoming season 😉 But spring is usually also when the temperatures are constantly warm and gradually become summery – let’s hope at least that this comes soon then … 😀

So in the past days and weeks, besides a few quieter days, the Wings for Life Run, one or the other tennis match as well as the “Audi Shootout” were on the agenda. The latter was a really cool golf event with a great golf location. (P.S. I was quite satisfied with my golf swing there ;))

Apart from that, we have already had some training sessions at the base and the training courses won’t be long in coming. The course in Faak is always a course we all look forward to. The mixture of sport, stress and regeneration fits perfectly there, the whole team is there and the atmosphere is always cool.

So I am really looking forward to the coming weeks, with its training courses and “outdoor activities” like golf, tennis, mountain biking & Co.

Hope you are doing well, I’ll keep you posted,

best regards,


A special season 20/21 is in the books.

A special season has come to a more than special end with a flight to 245 meters and a 3rd place with my teammates in the final team jump.

I leave the past season with many positive moments and some cool steps in the right direction. The season started with really easy flights at the Ski Flying World Championships in Planica and ended again with great flights in Planica and I am mega happy with my performances in Slovenia. Both times I just missed the podium but I am really happy with my performances.

I was able to smooth out the subsequent slight turbulence step by step during the season and I did quite well up to the World Championships.

The coming season will be dominated by the Olympic rings and especially the FANS. We really missed them this year and partly the atmosphere was a bit sad in comparison – so we hope that the stadiums will be full again in the coming season, colorful and carried by the mood of our fans.

Until then, a huge THANK YOU for your support at home in front of the TV sets – WE WILL SEE YOU!


Goodbye Oberstdorf!

Oberstdorf was the expected highlight and is unfortunately as soon as you think about it, already over again. In the run-up, we were of course all curious how it will be with the flair there without fans and without the whole all-around but I must say that the organizer has managed in this difficult time to put a really cool world championship for us athletes on the legs. It’s no secret that we incredibly missed the fans – even more so in such a “Nordic crazy country” like Germany – but the flair there on site was still special.

For me personally, this World Championships had one or the other very cool jump to offer, I tried to approach the jumps and competitions with a lot of courage and to go step by step back in the right direction and I certainly succeeded to some extent. That I come home from Oberstdorf with a medal is also really cool and I am proud of that. It was a very nice moment to win this medal together with my room mates Kraft, Dani and Sara.

In addition to the many great moments at the World Championships, I was also a little disappointed not to be part of the team on the large hill. The fact that I didn’t make it into the team was a bit painful, and then at a World Championships, you’re disappointed as an athlete, but that’s also part of the sport.

All in all, I can look back on a very cool time at the World Championships and I am proud that I was able to compete there for Red-White-Red. After a breather, it’s on to the World Cup finals, the ski flying in Planica. I am really looking forward to it and I will keep you informed.


Bronze in Mixed Team!

There’s the thing!! This bronze medal together with Krafti, Sara Marita Kramer and Dani Iraschko-Stolz feels great. I am really happy that we succeeded and that I am part of this team. Winning a medal at a World Championship is always so special, for these moments you live as an athlete and for these moments you invest a lot of time. The feeling when you stand on top at the medal ceremony is wonderful. It’s even more beautiful when you can share it with your teammates. And after a few difficult weeks for me, this medal shines even more.

For my part I can be quite satisfied with my performance – in run 1 even more, as in run 2. In the second one I didn’t get flying so much but all in all it was cool and the medal counts. Dani, Krafti and of course Sara did a great job.

Tomorrow I will continue with the qualification on the large hill and the day after tomorrow with the competition there. I will continue to try to be brave and show cool, easy jumps with which I can have fun.

Best greetings from Oberstdorf,


The World Championships are calling!

I’m glad we’ve been through so many competitions this season. At this time we can also simply be a role model for the people at home and for the kids out there. We are also very lucky to be able to have the World Championships at all. A World Cup is always a highlight, even if this highlight is under completely different omens this year.
Speaking of omens: For me personally, this World Championships will be about showing what I can do at the moment and to show jumps that I can be satisfied with – I just want to stay brave and then see what comes out of it.

I lost the thread a little bit in the last weeks and had a hard time keeping my system together and performing consistently. This of course makes it hard to develop that certain “naturalness” in difficult competitions. The way to achieve this in training feels quite good now. I have invested a lot in ski jumping training, but during the season the time for it is very limited. As I said, I lack a bit of this ease and self-evidence, but I am looking forward to the World Championships!

I would like to manage to get back on track during the World Championships, to become more consistent in my jumps and to develop further. I don’t tie my goals to medals – that would be the wrong approach. If I can show jumps that make me feel positive and feel good, then that’s the right way.

It hurts in the athlete’s heart that this spectacle has to take place in our neighboring country without fans, but hopefully other times will come soon and I am looking forward to this special flair with our fans again.

Thank you for your support,


JaR family meet up in Seefeld

Summer is coming and therefore Summer Grand Prix is close. This means our annual meeting of the JumpandReach family is staring again. At the beginning of hot summer days the JaR for friend is the perfect opportunity to look back at the home wolrd championship in Seefeld and to look forward to the next season 2019/2020. After the e-bike tour last year, we had again the opportunity to try out something completely new and to enjoy the day with great people.

To me as a golf-fan the JaR for friends could not have started better than with a round of golf at GC Seefeld-Reith. After golfing bright kid’s eyes and interesting questions were waiting for us at pizza dinner, which of course wanted to be answered.

The following day we went to Weidachsee in Leutasch, equipped with fishing-rod, bait & co, hoping for the big catch. Even though I have never been fishing before, I had no problems and even was the first one to catch a fish – Thank god! Otherwise I probably had to die of hunger at the meal after fishing… 😉 On go-cart track in the afternoon we had a lot of fun and ended the day with a delicious dinner.

After a great, eventful weekend with the JumpandReach family I will return to the jump to train for my consistency.

I will keep you up-to-date and wish you all great summer days.

See you,


Congrats Norges…

Ready… Steady… GO… As every year my calendar shows me it is time for Ski Jumper’s Golf Trophy, an “international” tournament, which I really enjoy every year. On a relaxing 9-hole-round and a dinner in the evening, me and my ski jumping colleagues have the opportunity to exchange news and have a great time with each other. Together with my team colleagues of TEAM AUSTRIA we started a rematch against the Norges, who won the title last year. My this year’s golfing performance was quite good and that’s why I wanted to show my best at this day’s tournament and of course, have a great day with the Norges.

It’s great to see my ski jumping colleagues in a completely different atmosphere and to chat, which has not to be about ski jumping all the time. Beside the ambition, which no one could let go on, the coming together for dinner in the evening and especially on the green was important to us.

The conditions for the golf match were great at Zillertal: The weather was perfect and there was not too much wind for the drives. At the last hole I dimpled two balls in the water, however, I am quite satisfied with my performance this day 😉. Nevertheless my performance was not good enough to help my team to win against the Norges. Of course, we would have been glad to win the match, therefore we have to beat them next year 😉. My favourite rematch would be, of course, on the jump – if that works, I can cope with losing the Golf Trophy 😉.

My team and I start summer season with some awesome training sessions. Wish you all a good start of summer,


After the season is before the season… but in between I went to Thailand :-)

The last season, with its traditional ending in Planica, is over since about 1,5 months and the focus is already on the preparation for the new season.

But before the summer courses start, my journey took a stop in Asia, to be more precise, in Thailand. Swimming on a lonely beach, enjoying the sun, experiencing the local cuisine and the breath-taking nature was on the schedule. Island Hopping from one “Secret dream spot” to the next – life could be worse 😉

With a lot of sun and stunning impressions in our luggage we headed back home with the focus on the first training courses of the new season – the Stanglwirt in Going and Arco in Italy are also places where things definitely could be worse J. I am really looking forward to the courses together with the other groups. There is always a good atmosphere within the group and the one or other biking or climbing session is also on our schedule – that’s the way, how I like training the most.

For sure, we will return to our jumping skies within a short period after the two courses, but step after step ;-).

I wish you all a nice spring and summer-start. You will hear from me,


Season 2018/2019 is in the books…

It has been clear to me from the very start, that this season would not be easy for me. My summer and my preparation were full of ups and downs from a very good start, a very good Austrian Championship, up to jumps, which I really was disappointed about.

This emotion and the ups and downs would also accompany me during the season. Just like the slogan “what you cannot built up in summer, you cannot have in winter”, the start in the following season was, like I expected, very hard.

Up to the tournament I was able to make one or the other jump, which you could say felt “quite good”. But with such a sensible sport and such an amount of great jumpers you simply need some of these “really good” jumps in a row to be an important part of the competition. The jumps in Zakopane and the following ski flying in Oberstdorf were suitable the most time and it felt like a step forward.

At THE hightlight of the season, the Nordic Skiing World Championship, the silver medal in team of course was a very emotional moment and especially for me during such a “roller coaster ride” this season.

The same story again at the Raw Air Tournament in Norway – some jumps were not bad, nevertheless not perfect, and some others again not. But that’s simply how it works in ski jumping: you already need consistency in summer for the following winter season, you need to have your personal puzzle together consisting of feeling, material, implicitness and so on to master such a sport like ski jumping.

Overall I look back at the season, which showed me personally as well as in the matter of sports a lot and therefore helped me to make a step forward. In the following days I will gain power for the coming preparation and the upcoming summer with its great training sessions.

I am now really looking forward to the free days and meanwhile I just have to say thanks for the very special support and the great positive messages. Wish you all a great time,


Silver with the Team at the “Home – WCS” in Seefeld

The preparations for the Home-WCS weren’t an easy thing for me. They were characterized from many ups and downs and clearly with the related emotions as well. Nevertheless, I was really looking forward to a huge, spectacular event. A “Home-WCS” you don’t often experience as a sportsman – or in other words – just one single time.

Packed with motivation I started into the WCS. Travelling there, press conferences in advance, and the ambience in Seefeld raised the mood and triggered additional emotions and joy. We all were more than excited and couldn’t wait to perform in front of the home crowd.

With the Single event on the big hill in the “bowl of Bergisel” there was a “blockbuster” on the schedule to kick off the WCS. My jumps were neither good nor bad –  at the end I finished on P14 – an important step into a more consistent performance.

The second Medal decision was a really emotional one for all of us – the Team Event on the Bergisel Jumping Hill. Just the fact naming those three words together – Home-WCS, Bergisel and Team-Event – is something really special for a ski jumper. The Event hardly couldn’t go better for us, and we started really well. In the final run, with Krafti as our “last man sitting” up there at the hill – things couldn’t have been more dramatic. Krafti did a great jump and in the end we celebrated the silver medal. This medal, with the hole team, on Bergisel, at the “Home-WCS” was an absolute Highlight throughout my whole career. This medal for me shined like gold one.

With the Event on the normal hill in Seefeld I was really satisfied. The conditions were though, but my jumps were solid, and I was able to finish on P9 – a good top ten result which I was really happy with.

For sure everyone come to WCS to fight for Medals and to win. For me it was clear that I’m not a medal favourite, but I wanted to give it all I had, fight and try everything possible.

At the End I’m looking back on many great moments and impressions of the WCS in Seefeld. It was a WCS with an atmosphere which couldn’t have been any better. Additionally, winning a medal with the team on the Bergisel in front of family, friends and fans – that something really special for me.

For the team and me the next thing on our agenda is the Raw-Air-Tour in Norway. Though schedule but unbelievable atmosphere as well – I’m looking forward to it.

Thanks for crossing fingers for me – we will “read” from me.

Yours Michi