Bye Bye Raw Air Tour, see you next year

This year’s Raw Air Tour really was a difficult tour for me. It was not easy for me to get into the real flying mood. We had great conditions in Norway and great ski-jumping days, of course I was hoping for better jumps but it was not meant to be.

In ski-jumping everything can be really tight and there were some beautiful memories as well. The podium with the team and the podium in the single competition together with Krafti, beautiful moments which I could not expect like that. I was not expecting to stand on the podium again with Krafti but sometimes it works out good and I will take the positive feelings with me now.

At the competition in Trondheim little by little I was able to step up my flying but it stayed hard to get into the real flow. The days before have been difficult for me due to little physical problems and that is why I can totally accept a 19th place.

At the final team competition in Vikersund I was not unhappy with my performance because of the difficult days I had before. The feeling during some jumps was not that bad and every jump was above the 200m mark. That is the feeling I have to take with me to Planica.

I am looking forward to the atmosphere, the whole flair, my friends and family that will cheer for me. It always is a great season final in Planica.

See you soon,