Back on the podium – THANK YOU LAHTI

9th place in the single competition on Friday, 3rd place with the team on Saturday and back on the podium with a 3rd place on the second single competition on Sunday. Actually, I don’t know what else to say. It really was a great feeling being back on the podium. Sharing it with Krafti was kind of the icing on the cake on Sunday and we were really happy about everything.

I had to overcome a lot of ups and downs during this and also the last season. But I always stayed true to my concept, continued on my path and I never doubted myself or my abilities. Ski jumping is just a very complex sports and you can lose your rhythm quite easily, but it’s very difficult regaining it. During the last weeks I worked my way up into the top 20 and then further into the top 10. That it was enough for a podium yesterday is simply awesome. I am delighted and incredibly happy about this success and also about all the messages and congratulations that reached me over the phone, on Facebook and Instagram – THANKS for all of them.

Lathti has been a “good ground” for me on many occasions now and I will keep Finland in good memory after this weekend for quite a while. This podium is amazing, but in Norway with the start of the Raw Air Tour the game will start from the beginning again. I will travel there with self-confidence and in good shape and will try to show satisfactory jumps.

Us athletes are awaiting great fans and fantastic hills, but also ten tough days with lots of competitions, but I am already looking forward to it.

We will read/write us again after the Raw Air,
Thanks again for your amazing support,