Back in Business

The World Cup Season ended about a month ago and after some appointments it was time to relax!!

Eventually I had some time again for my friends, girlfriend and family and I did enjoy that very much. Besides I used the remaining winter days for some skiing and I already sounded the bell for spring at the golf course.

Additionally my ski jumping club the UVB Hinzenbach, hold a great welcome for me at the hill where once everything started. It was amazing how many people come by to congratulate me for the last season. I’m so very pleased to see that those people have so much fun with what I’m doing!!

Since last week we’re already in preparation mode for next season. Like last year our first mutual trainings course consisted of some (hard) days of ice hockey. Bruises included. But that’s ice hockey, right!? 😉 Apart from that we spend most our training at the moment with a lot of different kinds of sports, like cycling, running and of course soccer. 😉

Bye for now!