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Status Quo

Hey guys! I was very delighted about all those messages that reached me after my injury! Thanks a lot and thanks for your kind and supporting words! Well, so how does it look like? I’m feeling fine and the way back looks promising. Step by step, it gets better every day and that puts me […]

Summer is over

Alright, the summer ski jumping is over. The last two competitions at the Summer Grand Prix weren’t really what I had hoped for, but in the last few years the Summer Grand Prix has never been my strength and still the winter seasons didn’t turn out too bad 😉 In return, the Austrian Championships were […]

After soccer is before ski jumping ;-)

Hi guys, you have probably already asked yourself how the football match between Kraftl and me has turned out. Well, unfortunately I have to say that dear Stefan and his team have won. But we are already ready for the rematch next year at our home pitch. There we will turn the tables! 😉 Still, […]

Vacations and then…

Hey guys, very relaxed I give a shout again. I had some very nice days in Sardinia. Sun, ocean, delicious food and taking a break from everyday life. This is the way you can start again with new energy into the ongoing preparations for next season. From next week on, a lot of training is […]

Summer Competition

The result of my first summer competition wasn’t of course one I had wished for. But you always have to see things in the right context. We are in the middle of next season’s preparations and I know exactly what I have to do, to show a great performance. Besides competition and training, there is […]


It’s hard to believe how fast time goes by. Sommer Grand Prix already starts this weekend. Three further training courses are done for the moment – Ramsau, Predazzo and Faak am See. Between these courses there was not much time to “rest” anyway Olympic season 2018 comes already closer and closer and I really look […]

JumpandReach for friends 2017

It is something very special every year to come together with the JumpandReach-family in Seefeld to spend three cool days together. This year’s come-together was characterized by gold, silver, bronze and crystal. Krafti, Mario, Lis and I won not less than 8 world championship medals and at the for friends event we had a great […]

NOR vs. FIN vs. AUT :-)

Playing golf and haveing a chat with ski jumping colleagues from other nations beside the rush in the winter. This is what makes the Ski Jumpers’ Golf Trophy to something very special. This year, I had again the honour to play with and against Andreas Stjernen. Andreas is a great golfer and it’s not easy […]

Summer is here

Summer, sun, sunshine. And what are ski jumpers doing? Training. Ok, at least a significant part of our time 😉 But less on the ski jumping hill than for example in the sand. At the moment there are other sports in our focus, like soccer, athletic sports or beach volleyball. A great balance and a […]

Back in Business

Ok, there are still more than 9 months to go, till the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeong Chang – but the Olympia Season has officially started.   After a short break, off from ski jumping and training, which I used for doing a lot of nice things – skiing with my family, spending time on […]