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67th four hills tournament… Check…

The time till the four hills tournament always flies by. First ones looking forward to Christmas and the “silent time” at home and just a glimpse later one is back in the car to drive to Oberstdorf. The last weeks I really struggled with my consistency – clear that my expectations towards the tour were […]

Manege free for the 67th 4 Hills Tournament

With the tournament a real highlight is noted for me as a ski jumper in my calendar. Beside the 4 Hills Tournament also the Home World Championship in Seefeld is a part of the highlights of the season and my career. Anyhow, a Home World Championship is a happening, which probably only a few athletes […]

Austrian Champion…

It has been more than a turbulent time in the last few weeks and months. The summer started quiet and I had been looking forward to these summer months for a long time. After a long season this time is every year something special. I enjoyed the warm temperatures not simply in my hometown but […]

JumpandReach family meeting 2018

Our annual JumpandReach family meeting is always highlighted in my calendar. In the midsummer it´s always a good time to look back at the past season but also to have look ahead to the upcoming season. At the this year’s JumpandReach for friends there was plenty of time for example on a very nice E-Bike […]

Skijumpers’ Golf Trophy 2018 :)

One of our highlights in summer season is already over again. At the Skijumpers’ Golf Trophy we meet our our skijumping colleagues from other nations and play a 9-hole golf round together in a very friendly and funny atmosphere. Beside a bit of “competition thinking” it is always great fun to meet the guys beside […]

Bye bye season 17/18…

Granted, the last season always had kind of the one and the other tricky situation for me and put me in front of a few challenges. Never the less the last season was beside the Olympics once more a very special one and brought me further step by step in personal and sports matters. Smaller […]

Bye Bye Raw Air Tour, see you next year

This year’s Raw Air Tour really was a difficult tour for me. It was not easy for me to get into the real flying mood. We had great conditions in Norway and great ski-jumping days, of course I was hoping for better jumps but it was not meant to be. In ski-jumping everything can be […]

The final phase is waiting …

With the Raw Air and with Planica the last highlights – and all in all the last competitions – of the season are coming. But first a short flashback… I was happy, that just at the Olympic Games I got back on track. Certainly, at first I was really disappointed after my second jump on […]

Ski Flying!

Ski flying station No.1 check. Unfortunately we only had one competition at the Kulm, due to the bad weather conditions. But this one gave me a positive temper. And the fans at the hill were again fantastic – a sea of Austrian flags! And now we start with the last preparations for this week’s Ski […]

That was edition 66

Long simmering and then already over – the 66th 4 Hills Tournament. Due to the given situation my goals were not that high like in the last years. Taking the next step, gaining constancy and if possible to achieve a TOP-10 place. Looking back it worked out not so bad. Although I wasn’t able to […]