Entries by Michi

A kind of a different season-ending…

With the cancellation during the Raw Air Tournament, this year’s season end was abrupt and a completely new situation for the whole Ski jumping family. We were in the lucky situation, that we all arrived save at home and where a little lucky regarding that.  The following weeks after the season were the most special […]

Season 19/20 is in the books

It was a little abrupt and special end of the season but summing it up also this years season is in the books and also this time, the season was keeping somethings ready for me. The start of the season was more like a rollercoaster ride than constant jumping. My results were not satisfying, and […]

Back on the podium – THANK YOU LAHTI

9th place in the single competition on Friday, 3rd place with the team on Saturday and back on the podium with a 3rd place on the second single competition on Sunday. Actually, I don’t know what else to say. It really was a great feeling being back on the podium. Sharing it with Krafti was […]

Thank you Kulm!

The ski flying at Kulm turned out as the spectacle everyone suspected it to be and the legendary hill was once more a real highlight of the season. Right from the beginning I was “good friends” with the hill and could show jumps clearly over 200 meters. I was in the “flying mode” straight away […]

Ski flying at home, here we come…

With the Kulm there is a highlight coming for us ski jumpers. On the one hand there is the fascination of ski flying and on the other hand the amazing atmosphere in front of the home crowd. So altogether, everything is there for a perfect ski flying weekend. In my last competitions my jumps felt […]

4 Hills Tournament

This year’s 4 hills was very spectacular like always, but it wasn’t an easy one for me. Before it started, it was already difficult for me to assess my chances. During the first competitions of the season I didn’t really manage to get a consistency into my jumps and I wasn’t always satisfied with my […]

Final countdown for the 4 Hills Tournament

The season has only seen four competitions yet and there’s already a big spectacle awaiting us with the 4 Hills Tournament. The 68th edition will again fascinate fans and athletes and will guarantee a great atmosphere. Of course I am not travelling to the 4 hills as a favorite. But I will try to work […]

Austrian championships, Cyprus and preseason preparations -> check

Only just were we looking forward to the upcoming Summer Grand Prix, the “fighting” against and with our ski jumping colleagues, the competition at home in Hinzenbach, followed by the Austrian championships and then the team regeneration in Cyprus. And now, a few weeks – which feels like only a few days – later, everything […]

Summer, training, sun, sunshine…

We are in the middle of summer and the hottest time of the year is on its best behavior. At the end of July/beginning of August I spent some time in Mallorca together with friends, soaking up a lot of sun and enjoying a few days off on the Spanish island. In the meantime I’m […]

JaR family meet up in Seefeld

Summer is coming and therefore Summer Grand Prix is close. This means our annual meeting of the JumpandReach family is staring again. At the beginning of hot summer days the JaR for friend is the perfect opportunity to look back at the home wolrd championship in Seefeld and to look forward to the next season […]