About me

I was born on March 5, 1991 in Linz. Ever since I was an enthusiastic football player. Until the day I began ski jumping. Since then I remained true to ski jumping and today I am a professional.

In 1997 I started my education at the primary school in Kirchberg-Thenig that is also my hometown. Afterwards I changed to the gymnasium in Linz which was a good decision, because afterwards I had no learning problems at the Ski gymnasium in Stams.

2010 I finished my Matura with excellence and from July 2010 I was an army athlete for a few years.

As a professional athlete the free time became less especially in winter. The time I have I spend almost entirely with my family and girlfriend to free my mind. Otherwise I use the time to relax. I am also an enthusiastic golf player. Golf is a very good compensation sport that has a lot of parallels to ski jumping.

Apart from playing golf, flying is one of my greatest passions. Since 2013 I take off not only as a ski jumper, but also as a private pilot. Preferably I am up in the air with a few friends or family and look down on our mountains and lakes.

Annual Schedule

  • Spring

    Spring is the time to recover from the past winter season, in which I have time for compensation sports and intensive weight training. From the middle of May until the beginning of July I use the time to test equipment, raise the power level, but also to train ski jumping on the mat.

  • Summer

    In summer there are the Summer Grand Prix but also the development for the winter season and the rising of the power potential have to be prepared for the winter. Therefore it is difficult to bring a constant performance.

  • Autumn

    In November there are again intensive power sessions to get fit for the winter season. Also there are the first snow jumps, inasmuch as the weather is right and we are trying to get the optimal competition equipment for the winter season.

  • Winter

    The main season is of course the wintertime. There are the most important competitions and mega events on the schedule. It starts at the beginning of December and runs until the end of March. Those who made their homework and are motivated are able to win and I will give my best!


The motivation of ski jumping is especially the amazing feeling if the jump is right. You forget everything around yourself and you enjoy the seconds in the air. Also the atmosphere at e.g. the 4 hills tournament is a big motivation for the hard training sessions.