A summer like it should be!

Training, training, training! As I mentioned last time, I’ve been training all summer long. I was in Planica – the World Championships will take place there in February -, with the whole team in Lillehammer and after the Summer Grand Prix in Courchevel we added a few days of training. In between, of course, we are busy at the training grounds in Salzburg.

And it’s great fun! After my painful experiences with my back last season, I can look forward to every training session. My back can take anything and I’m pain-free. In addition, we were able to work a lot on the material and make some progress in this area as well. Finally, a summer like it should be!

Many of you might have wondered why I jumped in the Continental Cup this summer instead of the Summer Grand Prix. It has to do with our quota places in the World Cup. If we want to compete again in winter with the maximum of 7 jumpers, we need a lot of points – also in the Continental Cup. My victory and my second place, as well as the good placements of the rest of the team at the competition in Stams in Tyrol, have already contributed a lot to reach our goal.

Another highlight of the past weeks was my contract extension with Energie AG. For many years the Energie AG sports family has been supporting me and I am really grateful that we continue this way together.

A really big hug goes out to my best buddy Stefan Kraft. Krafti finally got married – and married his long-time girlfriend Marisa. Congratulations, my best wishes go with you! But I’ll still be your room-mate at the World Cups! 😉

Before the winter really starts, I’m looking forward to the Austrian Championships in Bischofshofen and Ramsau. Last year I couldn’t take part due to my spinal disc surgery, but this year I’m back in action!

I’ll tell you how it went!
See you soon
Michi 🙂