Finally back to training!

As promised, I’m back with an update on my progress after the surgery to keep you updated. 🙂

It’s been several weeks since my disk surgery. Fortunately, everything has gone well since then and some improvements have been made. I have successfully completed the resting phase and the first light movements. Now I’m finally allowed to do physical training exercises again and work out a little.

So far I am satisfied with my progress and as long as everything continues like this, I am on a good way back. And of course that puts me in a positive mood for the future. However, I still have to take care of my back and not exercise too much, even though I have a strong urge to move. 😉

I’ll just continue to see from week to week how my body reacts and how the situation develops. Due to the surgery and the break afterwards, I have a lot of catching up to do physically. However, I have already worked out a plan with my coach Patrick Murnig that will prepare me well for the next few weeks.

All in all, I hope to be fully fit again soon and I’m already looking forward to being back on the hill. I will keep you updated and when the time comes, I will definitely let you know. 🙂

See you soon