Comeback loading…

Hello everyone!

As you probably already noticed, I had to radically change my “plan” for the winter in the last weeks… But first of all the most important thing: I’m fine and I’m pain-free again! 🙂

Now I want to take my time to tell you more about what happened in the last weeks.

The topic “back” has been accompanying me for a while now, but with appropriate additional “attention” (training, physiotherapy, etc.), I had my back very well under control in the last years. At the Summer Grand Prix in Hinzenbach, however, the back pain came back. The problems became really acute before and during the Summer Grand Prix in Klingenthal, where they got worse every day and became almost unbearable in one or two days. In the end, I couldn’t even stand or lie down properly. After that, everything happened very quickly. I immediately consulted a doctor, where I was diagnosed with a disk herniation. Since I already had numbness in my left leg at this point, surgery was inevitable. In Innsbruck, I was operated by Dr. Gabl and fortunately the surgery went very well. After that, I was really relieved to finally have no more pain! 🙂

Afterwards I had to stay in the hospital for about a week before I could go home. But the time was shortened by some visits – including pizza from Krafti. 😉

All in all, the first three weeks meant a lot of lying down and resting for me, which already put my patience to a hard test. After all, the urge to move as a top athlete is very big! But now the next steps of the rehab continue. I am allowed to move more, walk along the river and start a more active therapy. Especially the physiotherapy is important now and also light trunk training is already possible again. However, I still have to be careful and take care of my back. But I am very happy that the rehab is going well and I am also looking forward to the coming weeks. The most important thing for me is simply to be free of pain and to work my way back step by step in consultation with Dr. Gabl.

At this point I would also like to thank you fans for the supportive words and the numerous recovery wishes! That made me very happy and is a great additional motivation! 🙂  And also a big thank you to Dr. Gabl and his team for the quick action and the good care in the hospital.

I will keep you updated