Injury and JumpandReach for friends

Unfortunately the summer didn’t start as I expected it to. Instead of training and exercise I had to pause, because I injured myself during training. I tore my anterior syndesmosis ligament and also got a bone marrow edema. As a result, I was unable to exercise for some time and was only allowed to return to training slowly. That was of course very annoying and for the season preparation everything but ideal. Fortunately, it was a rather short matter in the end, which I overcame quite quickly and so far well. Certainly, I lost some training and had to realign my plans together with my coach Patrick. But I am in good spirits that I am now on a promising path.

Unfortunately, the injury has not only prevented me from training. I arrived a little later for the JumpandReach for friends in Seefeld because I couldn’t take part in the hike with the kids due to my injured foot. Nevertheless, it was again a unique experience to get together with the whole JumpandReach family after the season and celebrate the cool achievements. The community atmosphere, the relaxed mood and the friendly exchange are a fixed point every year that I look forward to very much. The joint dinner including the medal celebration with the entire JumpandReach family was once again an absolute highlight and the subsequent workshops and discussions were important and interesting.

As I said, I have been back in full training mode for a few weeks now. With every day the excitement for the new season is rising – hopefully with you fans at the hills again. 🙂

See you soon