A special season 20/21 is in the books.

A special season has come to a more than special end with a flight to 245 meters and a 3rd place with my teammates in the final team jump.

I leave the past season with many positive moments and some cool steps in the right direction. The season started with really easy flights at the Ski Flying World Championships in Planica and ended again with great flights in Planica and I am mega happy with my performances in Slovenia. Both times I just missed the podium but I am really happy with my performances.

I was able to smooth out the subsequent slight turbulence step by step during the season and I did quite well up to the World Championships.

The coming season will be dominated by the Olympic rings and especially the FANS. We really missed them this year and partly the atmosphere was a bit sad in comparison – so we hope that the stadiums will be full again in the coming season, colorful and carried by the mood of our fans.

Until then, a huge THANK YOU for your support at home in front of the TV sets – WE WILL SEE YOU!