Goodbye Oberstdorf!

Oberstdorf was the expected highlight and is unfortunately as soon as you think about it, already over again. In the run-up, we were of course all curious how it will be with the flair there without fans and without the whole all-around but I must say that the organizer has managed in this difficult time to put a really cool world championship for us athletes on the legs. It’s no secret that we incredibly missed the fans – even more so in such a “Nordic crazy country” like Germany – but the flair there on site was still special.

For me personally, this World Championships had one or the other very cool jump to offer, I tried to approach the jumps and competitions with a lot of courage and to go step by step back in the right direction and I certainly succeeded to some extent. That I come home from Oberstdorf with a medal is also really cool and I am proud of that. It was a very nice moment to win this medal together with my room mates Kraft, Dani and Sara.

In addition to the many great moments at the World Championships, I was also a little disappointed not to be part of the team on the large hill. The fact that I didn’t make it into the team was a bit painful, and then at a World Championships, you’re disappointed as an athlete, but that’s also part of the sport.

All in all, I can look back on a very cool time at the World Championships and I am proud that I was able to compete there for Red-White-Red. After a breather, it’s on to the World Cup finals, the ski flying in Planica. I am really looking forward to it and I will keep you informed.


Bronze in Mixed Team!

There’s the thing!! This bronze medal together with Krafti, Sara Marita Kramer and Dani Iraschko-Stolz feels great. I am really happy that we succeeded and that I am part of this team. Winning a medal at a World Championship is always so special, for these moments you live as an athlete and for these moments you invest a lot of time. The feeling when you stand on top at the medal ceremony is wonderful. It’s even more beautiful when you can share it with your teammates. And after a few difficult weeks for me, this medal shines even more.

For my part I can be quite satisfied with my performance – in run 1 even more, as in run 2. In the second one I didn’t get flying so much but all in all it was cool and the medal counts. Dani, Krafti and of course Sara did a great job.

Tomorrow I will continue with the qualification on the large hill and the day after tomorrow with the competition there. I will continue to try to be brave and show cool, easy jumps with which I can have fun.

Best greetings from Oberstdorf,