The World Championships are calling!

I’m glad we’ve been through so many competitions this season. At this time we can also simply be a role model for the people at home and for the kids out there. We are also very lucky to be able to have the World Championships at all. A World Cup is always a highlight, even if this highlight is under completely different omens this year.
Speaking of omens: For me personally, this World Championships will be about showing what I can do at the moment and to show jumps that I can be satisfied with – I just want to stay brave and then see what comes out of it.

I lost the thread a little bit in the last weeks and had a hard time keeping my system together and performing consistently. This of course makes it hard to develop that certain “naturalness” in difficult competitions. The way to achieve this in training feels quite good now. I have invested a lot in ski jumping training, but during the season the time for it is very limited. As I said, I lack a bit of this ease and self-evidence, but I am looking forward to the World Championships!

I would like to manage to get back on track during the World Championships, to become more consistent in my jumps and to develop further. I don’t tie my goals to medals – that would be the wrong approach. If I can show jumps that make me feel positive and feel good, then that’s the right way.

It hurts in the athlete’s heart that this spectacle has to take place in our neighboring country without fans, but hopefully other times will come soon and I am looking forward to this special flair with our fans again.

Thank you for your support,