Let’s go to Planica!

After two weeks of quarantine, I’m still going to Planica! Fortunately, I was able to get the time at home almost well behind me and now I’m really looking forward to the World Championships and ski flying in the “ski flying Mecca” Planica. I didn’t feel really sick during my “house arrest” and now I also hope that I’m not lacking too much physically – but that will only show up over the days when I fly.

I feel fit so far and have now tested negative twice. But after 14 days at home, I obviously lack the training and, above all, the important competition rhythm. But I am glad that I was able to keep myself fit with the barbell, with one or the other exercise for the core and balance.

Yesterday I got a little bit of the jumping feeling on the hill in Ramsau and can travel to Slovenia with these jumps and one or the other constant jump from Wisla in my luggage.

I realize that the favorites will of course be different – you don’t have to be a psychic There are now some who already have a really good rhythm and sense of achievement. BUT I’m looking forward to opposing this with the Austrian team and making the best possible use of the less than ideal preparation. Any medal for our team would be amazing – “From the couch to the podium” – how cool that would sound. We will definitely fight.

In Planica I would like to try to gain consistency every day, build up tension and get back to the competition rhythm. In the past few years I have always succeeded in finding my way back to my system through ski flying and I could use that very well now.

When it comes to ski flying, I now have my personal “guru” with Krafti in my room and we will be by our side. Stick together day after day, then it will be …

I’m looking forward to ski flying. We will try to do the best we can for ourselves and also for Austria. We shall see what it will be enough for.

I’m already saying please, please keep your fingers crossed at home in front of the television.

All the best & stay healthy,


“Hello” from the quarantine

As you know, I have unfortunately also tested positive for Corona and would now like to let you know how I‘m doing at the moment.

Basically, since I got the positive result, I’ve never felt bad and I haven’t “felt really sick”. The only thing I have is a minimal cough, that’s all in terms of symptoms.

I noticed last weekend that I was very tired. But this is probably also due to the fact that a certain (competition) tension has already dropped and, to be honest, a bit of a depressing feeling has set in when you have to watch ski jumping on TV at home instead of being there yourself. Otherwise, as I said, I feel quite fit and I couldn’t say that I am feeling too bad.

I don’t have much choice now than to remain optimistic and see that I can remain fit and that I stay as strong as possible. Lots of warm tea, a few vitamins and the occasional visit to the infrared cabin are my “home remedies” 🙂

In addition, I make sure that I keep my flexibility high and that I do not break down physically with a little core training and one or the other exercise to stay “fit” – there is not much more that is possible at the moment.

At the end of this week, another corona test and then a sports medical examination will show whether I can resume my training rhythm and then get into competition – but I’m very confident in this regard. Now I’m trying to look ahead and, as far as possible, give everything to be completely healthy and ready for action again soon!

You will then hear from me again, read and hopefully see me on the hill again very VERY soon 😉

Bye for now,


PS: Thank you very much for your numerous recovery wishes! 🙂 🙂