Let’s get the season started!

A season that we have never experienced before. Not only because of Corona, but also because of all the highlights that are barely tearing off this season. Ski flying World Championship, Nordic World Championship, Four Hills Tournament … this winter has everything what it takes to become a ski jumping festival for us jumpers but also for our loyal fans.

It will not only be another, somewhat more difficult winter for us, but also for the fans – who create an atmosphere that we as athletes enjoy year after year and week after week in the World Cup. But none of that will be of any use this year, we have to go through it and we have to be happy when we get through as many competitions as possible.

The cohesion in the team, in the room with Krafti, trainer, Patrick etc. will be our most important building block this year and we all have to work well together so that we can get through the season well.

With Andi as head coach, we have a good group together, I’ve known Andi for a long time and over the summer the team has really found each other and we enjoy a good atmosphere in the team. I got through the summer well this year too, I feel good, the balance between training and everything is just right at the moment. The jumps are good, but not very good yet – I still have to work on that but also grow on it, I’m looking forward to it!

It is of course difficult or almost impossible to say where you stand at the moment (due to Corona), but almost everyone feels the same and the first competition of the season will be a kind of position determination for all of us.

For me it is important to start the season properly, to improve then and develop step by step and continuously – that is my stated goal. Of course, it would be cool to be at the front especially at the highlights, but everything has to fit together and it won’t be easy.

At the weekend it’s going to start in Wisla, then we might already know a little more where we’re going.

I’ll keep you posted, stay healthy