Vacation at home, training course, 2 weddings and the Austrian championship

So there was a lot going on for me in August and September. Even if not with the same division as in previous years, there was a lot to do in the “final” preparation for the 20/21 season. Of course, Corona and the associated measures were a constant companion, but at least in a few areas a certain “normality” returned, or should I better say we were “getting used to the circumstances”.

Due to these circumstances, there were of course no national and international competitions and comparisons with the ski jumping competition in this early autumn and meetings with the ski jumping family did not materialize. Away from the jumps, at least at two weddings, our ski jumping colleagues “Schiffi” and “Aigi” had the opportunity “to toast” a nice, new phase of their lives in a small group. In addition to the weddings, we also got together with the entire team more often – for example at the training course in Oberstdorf or at the Austrian championship in Eisenerz or in Bischofshofen. Apropos Austrian championships: With 6th place on the normal hill in Eisenerz and the silver medal on the large hill in Bischofshofen, I’m more than satisfied – after a long dry spell in terms of competitions, the jumps went quite well and I can feel good, looking back on these competitions and one of the few comparisons.

Aside from sport, a lot has happened for me and I used my “vacation at home” to move. I am now even closer to the training base in Rif, so I can travel to training by bike, and not far from there I have created my own four walls with my girlfriend Claudia. The construction phase and the move ultimately took a lot of time and effort, but I’m very happy with the result now.

For me or us, one or two advertising shoots and an Austria Cup in Stams are on the program, where we can again measure ourselves internally in a competitive atmosphere.

I’m looking forward to it and will definitely keep you up-to-date,

Take care,

Yours Michi.