Pure adrenaline rush at skydiving with HSV Red Bull Salzburg

If you have the opportunity to go parachuting with the HSV Red Bull Salzburg at home in Salzburg with the JumpandReach troop in fantastic weather, you don’t say no. Anyone who knows me also knows that everything that has to do with air and flying is “my element” anyway and I can’t get enough of it – I would almost say that it has a certain addictive potential for me.

I’ve done a tandem jump like this before, but it was still an amazing experience. For many, flying up to the jump height is the “most uncomfortable” thing. As a pilot, I’m used to flying, so I like to take a look in the cockpit to see what’s going on there, and then really just enjoy the anticipation before the jump. Even if the pulse is of course a bit higher, it is almost pure anticipation when you dangle your legs out of the plane and then “dive down”. You never leave cold when you know that you are jumping out of a plane at an altitude of 4000 meters, but the experience is always unique.

I’ve been asked several times whether I can draw comparisons to ski jumping and I have to answer that more or less with “no”. The only thing I can think of as a similarity is that once you are in a stable position in free fall, you can immediately unbalance yourself with the smallest movements with your hands and feet, turn, etc. That is maybe a bit similar to ski jumping – that kind of “playing with the air”.

For me it was once again a tremendous experience that I will not forget anytime soon.

All the best in the meantime,

Your Michi.