Step by step towards more “normality”

First of all, I hope that you are all well and that you come through this time well and are well up. Even if we are still confronted with many restrictions and important measures, we feel that we are approaching more and more at least a certain “normality” and a certain “everyday life”.

In my case, or in my “everyday sports and leisure”, this means that I was finally able to take my “Cesna” up in the air again and finally get a “picture from above” again. I missed that feeling of freedom and flying and it was very nice to be back in the air. Of course, there was also one or the other training jump on the hill. There I try to get used to ski-jumping again and start flying step by step. In addition to the training jumps, we were FINALLY on the road together again as a team at a training course in Faak am See. Training courses with the team are simply good for the body, but above all for the soul and it was once again a great course in Faak – although with a few restrictions, but that was okay.

In addition to flying and ski jumping, I was often out in nature and enjoyed the sun and the view there. In the last few days I even went surfing for the first time on a so-called “river wave”, an artificially created wave, and for the first time it wasn’t that bad … but I still prefer to stick to ski jumping 😉

And of course, I was out on the golf course and had a great time there, especially at the Audi Shootout at the Murhof Golf Club. In a nice K.O. round to measure a duel with the golf pros in a format where every single stroke counts was a cool experience. My first three strokes and thus laps were very good, but then the show was over for me 😉

So there has been a little something going on in the last few days and weeks and it feels good that slowly but surely more and more everyday life is returning and ensuring something normal. For me, a training camp with the team, some training jumps and FINALLY another meeting with the JumpandReach family are on the program in the coming weeks.

I will keep you up to date,

All the best,