A kind of a different season-ending…

With the cancellation during the Raw Air Tournament, this year’s season end was abrupt and a completely new situation for the whole Ski jumping family. We were in the lucky situation, that we all arrived save at home and where a little lucky regarding that. 

The following weeks after the season were the most special one in my career. Everything was different and instead of skiing days, the one or other flying day with my Cessna, season-ending meetings or writing autographs for you, the fans, we had to stay at home – and that was good! I think it was the right decision to cancel the season earlier because there is simply nothing more important than our health. No matter if professional sportsman or no, health comes first.

I used the time at home, as many did, to clean up everything and beside started with a big puzzle what really challenged my puzzle skills and patience. Clearly, after the long season, some relaxation to gain power in nature was also on the schedule. This situation changed life from one day to the other, it was extremely de-accelerating and I was able to develop a different point of view on some points. Now, as step-by-step normality is coming back, I am really looking forward to my daily routine as a sport professional. The workouts at home were nice, but I am more a team player and really like the time we spend together. Playing football for warm-up, joking around and the feeling of community is really missing. Even though the following training will be different from the ones we are used to, I am really looking forward to the training with the team. By considering the guidelines and keeping the distances, we can now start training together.

I hope, that you are all doing well and that you handled the challenging situation well. At this point, once again, thank you for crossing fingers during the whole season.

Stay healthy and keep thinking positively!