4 Hills Tournament

This year’s 4 hills was very spectacular like always, but it wasn’t an easy one for me. Before it started, it was already difficult for me to assess my chances. During the first competitions of the season I didn’t really manage to get a consistency into my jumps and I wasn’t always satisfied with my performance. Because of that, my personal goal for the 4 hills was finding more consistency.

After a lot of anticipation and intensive training sessions the 68th 4 hills tournament started with the opening competition in Oberstdorf. For me personally it was a good start into the competitions: I could show solid jumps and reached rank 14. Garmisch sadly promised nothing too good – like every year as it seems. I wasn’t in the best health and therefore not in top form, which eventually showed in my jumps and with a 28th place. Back in Austria, in Innsbruck, I improved my performance and reached rank 23 with two steady jumps. In Bischofshofen I was content with a 19th place after showing good rounds.

All in all, I ended the 4 hills tournament on rank 18. A solid result – but I know that I have to continue working hard on my jumps in order to be back in the Top 10.

Congratulations to Dawid Kubacki for his well-deserved win and to Marius Lindvik for his impressive performances in Oberstdorf and Garmisch. A big thanks goes out to all the incredible fans who were out on the hill, who supported us loudly throughout the tournament and who made the 4 hills to the special event it really is. I’m looking forward to all the upcoming competitions with you guys.

See you,