Congrats Norges…

Ready… Steady… GO… As every year my calendar shows me it is time for Ski Jumper’s Golf Trophy, an “international” tournament, which I really enjoy every year. On a relaxing 9-hole-round and a dinner in the evening, me and my ski jumping colleagues have the opportunity to exchange news and have a great time with each other. Together with my team colleagues of TEAM AUSTRIA we started a rematch against the Norges, who won the title last year. My this year’s golfing performance was quite good and that’s why I wanted to show my best at this day’s tournament and of course, have a great day with the Norges.

It’s great to see my ski jumping colleagues in a completely different atmosphere and to chat, which has not to be about ski jumping all the time. Beside the ambition, which no one could let go on, the coming together for dinner in the evening and especially on the green was important to us.

The conditions for the golf match were great at Zillertal: The weather was perfect and there was not too much wind for the drives. At the last hole I dimpled two balls in the water, however, I am quite satisfied with my performance this day 😉. Nevertheless my performance was not good enough to help my team to win against the Norges. Of course, we would have been glad to win the match, therefore we have to beat them next year 😉. My favourite rematch would be, of course, on the jump – if that works, I can cope with losing the Golf Trophy 😉.

My team and I start summer season with some awesome training sessions. Wish you all a good start of summer,