After the season is before the season… but in between I went to Thailand :-)

The last season, with its traditional ending in Planica, is over since about 1,5 months and the focus is already on the preparation for the new season.

But before the summer courses start, my journey took a stop in Asia, to be more precise, in Thailand. Swimming on a lonely beach, enjoying the sun, experiencing the local cuisine and the breath-taking nature was on the schedule. Island Hopping from one “Secret dream spot” to the next – life could be worse 😉

With a lot of sun and stunning impressions in our luggage we headed back home with the focus on the first training courses of the new season – the Stanglwirt in Going and Arco in Italy are also places where things definitely could be worse J. I am really looking forward to the courses together with the other groups. There is always a good atmosphere within the group and the one or other biking or climbing session is also on our schedule – that’s the way, how I like training the most.

For sure, we will return to our jumping skies within a short period after the two courses, but step after step ;-).

I wish you all a nice spring and summer-start. You will hear from me,