Season 2018/2019 is in the books…

It has been clear to me from the very start, that this season would not be easy for me. My summer and my preparation were full of ups and downs from a very good start, a very good Austrian Championship, up to jumps, which I really was disappointed about.

This emotion and the ups and downs would also accompany me during the season. Just like the slogan “what you cannot built up in summer, you cannot have in winter”, the start in the following season was, like I expected, very hard.

Up to the tournament I was able to make one or the other jump, which you could say felt “quite good”. But with such a sensible sport and such an amount of great jumpers you simply need some of these “really good” jumps in a row to be an important part of the competition. The jumps in Zakopane and the following ski flying in Oberstdorf were suitable the most time and it felt like a step forward.

At THE hightlight of the season, the Nordic Skiing World Championship, the silver medal in team of course was a very emotional moment and especially for me during such a “roller coaster ride” this season.

The same story again at the Raw Air Tournament in Norway – some jumps were not bad, nevertheless not perfect, and some others again not. But that’s simply how it works in ski jumping: you already need consistency in summer for the following winter season, you need to have your personal puzzle together consisting of feeling, material, implicitness and so on to master such a sport like ski jumping.

Overall I look back at the season, which showed me personally as well as in the matter of sports a lot and therefore helped me to make a step forward. In the following days I will gain power for the coming preparation and the upcoming summer with its great training sessions.

I am now really looking forward to the free days and meanwhile I just have to say thanks for the very special support and the great positive messages. Wish you all a great time,