Ski-jumping is not a picnic… Seefeld we are coming!

With the start of the Nordic Ski World Championships in Seefeld the home World Championships are just around the corner. When I’m thinking about the great history of the Bergisel (Olympic Games 64/76) and what the amazing atmosphere there means to a ski-jumper, all is said. -> It is going to be awesome!

When I am looking back to last summer, the word “emotion” is the first one, which comes to my mind. There were ups and downs of a “special class”, from a good summer start to “I don’t know where I am at” through to great Austrian Championships – all of it was in for me. The feeling when a jump “just works” wasn’t a long-stay guest during my preparations. All of these ups and downs should then stay by my side up until now this season.

Certainly that wasn’t the seasons’ and World Championships’ preparation I had hoped for. Material development in a sport that gets more and more sensitive and where the Set-up gains more and more importance… All of these factors which make this “puzzle” even harder to put together.

But ski jumping is not always a picnic. This can be seen quite clearly when looking at the many different results in the World Cup this season.

Being in that situation, in October Patrick and I developed our own plan, with which I want to improve step by step. So there are lots of intermediate goals, which help to accomplish something that isn’t easy to accomplish during the Wold cup season – the purpose is to acquire the so called “easiness”.

Up until the four hills tournament, and also in the last three to four weeks since Val di Fiemme, I really made progress and did some great jumps now and then. But to be able to mix it at the top I need several of these “really great” jumps in a row. 😉

I know that I am not one of the favourites for winning medals in Seefeld, but if there opens a chance, I will be ready. Because the only thing that matters at a major event is winning medals – wherever it takes place. At these World Championships I will fight (as I also did in the last few years) and I will do everything that’s in my power.

I know that we have a good plan, but in our sport you always need some luck too.

I’m really looking forward to the start of the World Championships. I hope lots of people will support me, because I will do my best as always.

See you soon,


Discover my new App!

Hi everyone,

I think there are some cool news to announce: I now have my own app, with which you guys can get to know me even better! 😉

Get my app and discover me in 3D on my autograph card!

How does it work?
Download the app, then you only have to get one of my autograph cards – and off you go. Simply pull up the app and point your mobilde device towards the printed autograph card and the app shows you different 3D models of me. On one page you can discover me in a sporty outfit, on the other page you’ll see me in action – “flying” over the autograph card. The digital doubles are in such high-resolution that you can zoom in to just a few centimeters. There is also more information about me, including a short bio and my successes.

Here you can get the app:
Android Version
iOS Version

I hope you have as much fun with it as I do! 🙂

Yours, Michi