67th four hills tournament… Check…

The time till the four hills tournament always flies by. First ones looking forward to Christmas and the “silent time” at home and just a glimpse later one is back in the car to drive to Oberstdorf.

The last weeks I really struggled with my consistency – clear that my expectations towards the tour were not that good, I had to be realistic. Again, taking one more step, win consistency and to show some goods jumps – this were my targets.

When I take a look back, some things worked really well. In Oberstdorf still top 30 – and in Garmisch the classic – negatively spoken – Stefan and I had to watch the second run in front of the TV.

In Innsbruck, I felt a little better, I like the Hill and at the End a place around the 20th was great to bring some euphoria towards Bischofshofen. On my favourite hill, in front of home-crowd I then showed the two best jumps of the tournament – at the end it paid off and I could get the 15th place. Another step into the right direction.

To sum it up, my performance during the tour was similar to how it was the whole season. From missing consistency to really nice jumps – this season had everything.

But one thing for sure – we all will remember this historic tournee for a while – thanks Ryoyu Kobayashi. Unbelievable what he did during the four Events – congratulations. Winning all 4 competitions is unbelievable and will be in the history of ski jumping forever.

Last but not least – thanks again to all supporters for the fantastic atmosphere.

See you soon,