Austrian Champion…

It has been more than a turbulent time in the last few weeks and months.

The summer started quiet and I had been looking forward to these summer months for a long time. After a long season this time is every year something special. I enjoyed the warm temperatures not simply in my hometown but also in Portugal, Lisbon was really great and I enjoyed it a lot. The culture, the special architecture and the good food have stayed in my mind, it really is a beautiful city – Portugal in general is a very beautiful country.

The jumping training courses in summer were not that easy for me. My jumps changed from “really good” to “not quite good” and I was not always that satisfied with my performance. It was hard for me to keep my consistency during the training and also Summer Grand Prix had not much feelings of success for me. Therefore my pleasure was much bigger about my performance at the Austrian Championships. With the gold medal on the normal jump and the silver medal at the larger hill I gained results, which I could not complain about, and I was really satisfied with my performance.

With this feeling of success I am looking forward to the preparation and the start of the season. A season, which has its highlight – the Home World Championship in Seefeld – which is more than just a childhood dream. Until then I hope to gain in consistency for my jumps.

Wish you all a great autumn,