Skijumpers’ Golf Trophy 2018 :)

One of our highlights in summer season is already over again. At the Skijumpers’ Golf Trophy we meet our our skijumping colleagues from other nations and play a 9-hole golf round together in a very friendly and funny atmosphere. Beside a bit of “competition thinking” it is always great fun to meet the guys beside the hill.

This year the Norges were part of the Trophy as every year and for the first time the Americans / Canadians took part in this special golf tournament too 😉 On the golf round we had a good time together and we had time to talk about some things – and no, not skijumping 😉 Topics like holidays or football are on the agenda here 🙂

It was our third time at the golfclub Zillertal / Uderns and once more the conditions were great again. Basically I like the course there but this time I wasn’t able to get going…

I didn’t really get into my personal rhythm, which is quite important in golf. So summing it up I can say that I didn’t play my best golf but had a great conversation and a really fun round with my flight partner Robert Johansson.

In the end TEAM AUSTRIA didn’t manage to take the trophy once more because the Norges took it for the first time. For sure I would have liked to take the win but that’s sport.
Next year the “cards are reshuffled” and we will be back 😉

For me there are some training courses on the plan the next weeks so that I’m again well prepared for the upcoming season.

I’ll keep you up to date,

in the meantime have a great summer,
yours Michi.