Ski jumper is coming…

…as you say. And the pleasant news: I already was part of it at the world cup opening in Wisla.

During last weeks I worked hard to take part at the opening in Poland and I guess I was able to achieve this at least in a satisfying way. Of course not everything works out as smooth as it should be, but even to start was very cool.

Therefore it is even more fantastic that the team competition went so well. You could say that I was kind of the grandpa in the team and that with only 26 years 😉 All jokes aside. Although we were a very young team never jumped in this formation, it worked very nice and I enjoyed it very much. And 2nd place, just great. I’m proud to be part of this crew.

For me personally the single competition didn’t work out so fine due to the missing training during the last weeks. Nevertheless I’m quite positive concerning the next world cup stations. I will do anything to get back on track but this has to happen step by step.

Recovery and working to get completely fit again are the tasks for this week and hopefully I can make the next step this weekend in Ruka.

Keep your fingers crossed!

First London, then the world cup

Unbelievable, next season starts already next week. I hope I’m able to compete already at the world cup start in Wisla, but we’ll have to wait till next week to find out. I did my first jumps this week at the Bergisel in Innsbruck and I would say: so far so good. Now I’ll have to see how it will develop over the next days.

But before the world cup start next week, Krafti, Patrick and I spent a weekend in London. Again one of our cool travels together. Of course, we had to watch a football match live in the legendary Wembley stadium – very impressive. I guess we’re just a bunch of football freaks 😉

But we didn’t miss out the great sights of London, like the London Eye, the Tower Bridge or the Tower of London – there is so much to see, a very interesting city! And we also visited one or two legendary British pubs 😉 A really great weekend to take one step back from our daily ski jumping routine and to collect new impressions!

See you soon!

Status Quo

Hey guys!

I was very delighted about all those messages that reached me after my injury! Thanks a lot and thanks for your kind and supporting words!

Well, so how does it look like? I’m feeling fine and the way back looks promising. Step by step, it gets better every day and that puts me in a positive mood.

The goal is to start in Wisla, but I’ll have to wait whether this will work out. Now I simply have to work for that every day and then we will see how it develops over the next weeks and hopefully I will compete at the world cup start.

Thanks for your support and see you soon,