Vacations and then…

Hey guys,

very relaxed I give a shout again. I had some very nice days in Sardinia. Sun, ocean, delicious food and taking a break from everyday life. This is the way you can start again with new energy into the ongoing preparations for next season. From next week on, a lot of training is on the schedule, but I’m looking forward to give it all on and besides the ski jumping hill.

But first I will give it all on the soccer field 😉 On Saturday it’s Michl vs. Kraftl. We will compete against each other with our respective home club to find out who of us is the better soccer player 😉

If you would like to see it live, then come to Schwarzach – this Saturday, 26th of August. Kick Off 15.30. Entrance is free! I guess this will be a blast.

So be there, or be square!

Summer Competition

The result of my first summer competition wasn’t of course one I had wished for. But you always have to see things in the right context. We are in the middle of next season’s preparations and I know exactly what I have to do, to show a great performance.

Besides competition and training, there is still some time to just enjoy summer, no matter on the golf course, at the lake or with a short turn in “my” plane 😉

But before we will continue with more training, I will head to vacations. A little bit of enjoying life and recharging batteries.

Till then, enjoy summer!