JumpandReach for friends 2017

It is something very special every year to come together with the JumpandReach-family in Seefeld to spend three cool days together.

This year’s come-together was characterized by gold, silver, bronze and crystal. Krafti, Mario, Lis and I won not less than 8 world championship medals and at the for friends event we had a great opportunity to celebrate them in a great and familiar atmosphere.

In addition to that, Krafti added everything else with his overall crystal globe and his ski flying crystal globe to this very unique ambience. It was great to look back together in narrow circle to a very intensive but successful season.

A lot of trainings and training courses are now up but I’ll for sure keep you up to date,


NOR vs. FIN vs. AUT :-)

Playing golf and haveing a chat with ski jumping colleagues from other nations beside the rush in the winter. This is what makes the Ski Jumpers’ Golf Trophy to something very special.

This year, I had again the honour to play with and against Andreas Stjernen. Andreas is a great golfer and it’s not easy for me to be able to keep up but all in all it was quite good golfing this day. I can learn a lot from Andreas’ golfing skills, for example how to hit a golf ball over 300 (!) meters :O But generally it was just a great day with friends!

Finally, Team Austria took the trophy for the fourth time in a row and although the Trophy is a fun thing, as a pro athlete as we all are, you can’t turn off the competitive thought 😉

The upcoming week is a training week for me and my team mates in Italy, in Predazzo.

Enjoy your weekend 🙂