Engelberg – Christmas – 4 Hills

Dear Friends,

exhausting weeks lie behind us! But exhausting weeks are also about to come. Engelberg was really great before we will head to the 4 Hills Tournament. After my back problems during the last weeks, it was just amazing to achieve my fourth world cup victory. Furthermore we could show a really strong team performance!

But now it’s time to relax and to spend some quiet days with my family! Some good food. This is exactly the right thing to do, to start at the 4 Hills Tournament with full batteries.

Christmas is also a time to say thank you. Thanks to all those hard working people, who make it possible for me and the rest of the team to show our best jumps. And also thanks to my family which has always my back. Thanks a lot!!

Merry Christmas!
See you at the 4 Hills!

World Cup Season 2016/17 – Here we come!

A new world cup season has started. After the first jumps on snow in Lillehammer, we had the world cup opening in Ruka, Finland. I like to be in Finland, because I like the jumping hills and also the special atmosphere there. The first two competitions were not ideal but I wasn’t unsatisfied with my 11th and 10th place.

The world cup weekend in Klingenthal started with a team competition. Together with Krafti, Fetti and Kofi we achieved a great 3rd place behind Germany and Poland! This podium shows not only that we are on the right track concerning our team performance; it also reflects our amazing team spirit.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to build on my performance of the team competition on the next day. Due to some problems I couldn’t qualify for the second round. Now I have to carry on with my work and then we will see what’s possible at the next world cup station.

Next stop: Lillehammer!