Finland, I like

What happened those days in Finland!? To win three competitions in a row in the world cup – just awesome!!! 🙂

I knew that the break during the Sapporo world cup was good for me but in Norway not yet everything fit perfectly together, although the results were nevertheless satisfying. Despite I wasn’t able to place at the very front ski flying at the Vikersund Bakken was of course the highlight during the “Norway Tour”. Therefor I could congratulate my room Buddy Kraftl for setting a new Austrian record! But I will try to take this record back! 😉

What then happened in Finland is hard to describe. To win three competition in a row is an unbelievable feeling and has whet my appetite for the remaining competitions of this season. I’m not able to point the finger at the reason why it everything is working out so great at the moment, but I will definitely not change anything. 😉

After a very short stop at home we’ll continue with two single competitions this weekend in Almaty. After that we have left on our schedule: Wisla, Titisee-Neustadt and the great sky flying finale in Planica. You can be sure that I’m looking forward to all of this! 🙂

See you!

3x Norway in a week

So, my short break during the world cups in Sapporo is already over and the first competitions have already passed. I benefited very much from this break, had the opportunity to train and relax perfectly and now I’m prepared for the upcoming tasks.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get on the podium again with the team, but I was really satisfied with my two jumps after the break. I also was looking forward to the single competition in Oslo but unluckily the fog put a spoke in our wheel.

But in Trondheim it already went really well for me. The first round wasn’t ideally, but in the second one I had a great jump and in the end I finished up in a good fourth place. Congrats to my room buddy Kraftl for his 2nd place! 🙂

Now ski flying at the huge hill in Vikersund is next on our agenda. An impressive hill to which I’m very much looking forward to because it was (until Planica last year) the hill where I could achieve my personal best. Who knows, perhaps I will be able to do so again. 😉

See you!