Kulm – it was an honor for me!

Spectacular days at the Kulm! The fans, the hill, the flights. As a hobby pilot I really love to be at the ski flying hills and I always try to enjoy every flight as far as it is possible.

Unfortunately I didn’t made it among the best ski flyers in the single competition because I had very tough wind conditions during my second jump and therefore a top width wasn’t possible. Nevertheless I’m satisfied with my performance because I had another great jump about 228m on the second day, with which I was able to make up some places.

But the team competition went really well. Not only for me personally, with two great jumps over 200m, but due to the fact that we could win the bronze medal with the team. I guess a medal which only few thought we would be capable to achieve. Furthermore as the final jumper of our team. Just amazing!! 🙂

Thereby thanks to all the fans which made the Kulm again to such an incredible event. I can tell you with your support we are simply able to fly some more meters than usual.

With all the joy I don’t want to forget Lukas Müller who fell badly at the Kulm. Luki, we wish you all the best! Stay strong!

After some days at home, we are now already leaving for Zakopane, Poland. Also a really cool world cup station which I’m already looking forward to.